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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

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    Doom (2016): Decided to wrap this up before diving any deeper into Eternal. I may have worn the trigger out on my Xbox controller on it. While all modern FPSs, especially console ones,feel sluggish with a weird momentum to me compared to the classics of iDs heyday and their better modern simulacra, this is still a rad, badass game and a great reimagining of the original.

  2. dumpin these in groups now

    2. Ion Fury

    Extremely Duke3D. Like in that game, the real world settings work well, but sometimes it leans a bit much into industrial and sewer settings, which get old. There are some really fun secrets to find in here, and the weapons are particularly fun. I'd say the game is nicer-looking than Dusk, but not as tight mechanically. I'd also suggest not buying the game, to be honest, given the attitudes of the developers.

    3. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

    The new monsters are awesome and tough, and I used the expansion to explore new weapons (fell in love with the Charge Blade). Shara Ishvalda is SO GOOD, especially the second phase, and the Guiding Lands is a pretty nice way to structure the post-credits content into something that feels like sliiiiightly less of a grind.

    4. Powerslave

    Really cool and uniquely-structured early FPS. It's pretty fun to find ability-unlocking items and secrets, and it's a unique feeling to double back and get to new areas in an FPS from this era. The auto-aim combat is a little simple but not bad. The visuals are rough from a pixel art standpoint sometimes, but the tech is INSANE for the Saturn. How'd they do the dynamic lighting?

    The only big downsides are a TERRIBLE water level, a kinda disappointing final boss, and sometimes replenishing ammo can be tedious.

    5. Half-Life: Alyx

    Played on Hard with Continuous motion.

    This was actually not much of a surprise to me!

    Half-Life's desolate and moody cities, gross aliens, and combine technology are all as fascinating as they were in the 2000s, and all of these aesthetic strengths of the series get hugely boosted by VR. Mechanically, Alyx synthesizes a lot of the cutting-edge mechanical ideas that have been happening in VR since 2016 with a surprising amount of restraint.

    You won't see the crazy physics-based climbing, aiming, or melee in here that you do in Boneworks, but the world is still absolutely stuffed with physics toys (with way more detail and variety) and your hands react convincingly to everything in it. The guns don't demand an H3VR level of steps to reload and operate, but each one is fun to learn and become more proficient in reloading, and some of the upgrades even involve further learning of their own. You won't be darting around like in the flatscreen games, but player's speed is well-tuned to the maps, and the maps never feel hindered by anything related to VR navigation. You have continuous motion if you can handle it and teleportation if you can't, and there are a good amount of other accessibility options in there (single-hand, standing/seated, etc).

    The pace of the game is perfect. After being spellbound by the intro you're given gravity gloves and quickly find that scavenging around for items using them is, for the first time in an eternity, really fucking fun. You're then given a pistol and taught how to operate and reload it, and things don't really ever slow down from there. There's a constant flow of new puzzle and combat wrinkles, the games highs get really, really high. Just like the rest of the series the game is probably too easy overall (by the end I found the combat to be pretty solved), but every chapter feels fresh both aesthetically and mechanically.

    I don't want to frame this as the first great VR game, because there have been a lot of them and I'm not sure this is my favorite. What I will say is that this is a natural progression from where Resident Evil 7 left off and I'm real excited for the future of this genre.

    6. Doom Eternal

    Nightmare mode, no weapon wheel. Doom Eternal leans even more into Ninja Gaiden territory than even Doom 2016, which was already a hugely unique game. The way all the mechanics interlock is beautiful: like in the last game you usually gain health via melee "glory kills" instead of picking up items in the arenas, so you quickly learn to treat the weaker enemies as quick health resources by shooting them -just enough- to stagger without killing, and you get such a good feel for exactly how much health each of the fodder types has. You juggle a bunch of supplementary cooldown abilities to do similar things with armor and ammo, but they have wrinkles of their own (chainsaw fuel, for example, auto-replenishes enough to give you ammo from fodder but can instead be piled up to one-hit bigger enemies as well).

    And the enemy variety is so good. There's a huge cast here, but more importantly, there's a diverse spread in both the threats they pose and how you deal with them. Some are incredibly aggressive from a melee standpoint, others are nasty to you in the air, others do area denial, and so on. And they have all these little weaknesses that are super satisfying to take advantage of. Particular shoutouts to the late-game drones (they can be dangerous when ignored but you generally want to save them so you can uniquely headshot them to gain resources) and the Mauraders (who block everything and need to be hit at critical Punch-Out moments). Just like in the last game, the designs, animation, and music are perfect during all of this.

    The stuff outside of the combat helps flesh the game out into slightly more of an adventure, again not unlike Ninja Gaiden. You'll occasionally take a tiny breather to do a small puzzle, you'll take your time to find secrets (which are more fun to look for in this game for whatever reason), you'll head back to your home fortress and gear up a bit, you'll sometimes be asked to do a slightly elaborate platforming sequence, and so on. It's pretty well-paced.

  3. Goddamn Doom Eternal on Nightmare? Jesus you guys.
    I finished it too... on pussy. Game was really good. The combat was really satisfying. I didn’t mind the platforming and figuring out where to go portions. My only gripe was the gun sounds. I wish a few of them had the old school boom to them.
    I liked it more than the last one. Sign me up for more.
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  4. I wish I could see my death count, it's gotta be ridiculous. The campaign probably took me over 36 hours

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Tain View Post
    dumpin these in groups now
    I don't want to frame this as the first great VR game, because there have been a lot of them and I'm not sure this is my favorite. What I will say is that this is a natural progression from where Resident Evil 7 left off and I'm real excited for the future of this genre.
    I think what makes HL:A so important is that it's the first game in a major series to deliver a full blown franchise entry as a VR exclusive, and that it successfully managed to show how VR can enhance the core pillars of that franchise.

    Some of this is really good luck; there a lot of game series that would NOT be better in VR, and VR tends to feel like a totally different thing. But in Half-Life, the pillars are things like environmental storytelling, physical manipulation/physics puzzles, gunplay, and atmosphere, and all of those things feel like VR is making them better. And the fact that Half Life is a critical and fan darling series that hasn't had a new entry in a long time. It's for sure the most important VR game to date.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tain View Post
    2. Ion Fury

    I'd also suggest not buying the game, to be honest, given the attitudes of the developers.
    Oh? Do tell.

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  7. Crysis (2007).

    Been sitting in my GOG pile for ages, finally decided to play it, and was able to do so (mostly) maxed out. Beautiful game, even by today's standards for the most part. This must have been jizz-inducing back in the day for sure...for the people who could actually play it, that is.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the lush environments and the fairly open-ended gameplay and even the use of vehicles. Using the abilities of the suit and dealing with it's limited regenerating energy supply added a good degree of strategy in how to get the most out of it in any given situation. Switch from Cloak to Maximum Speed, dash to the enemy + throat grab + switch to Maximum Strength + super-throw off a cliff is fun. And I liked that other than your suit, most of the setting is fairly modern-day with limited high-tech stuff, and fighting North Vietnamese soldiers was especially poignant considering our country's current relationship with them.

    But then the alien stuff kicks in and the game lost me a little. I just didn't find fighting the sentinels from The Matrix as compelling, but it was still fun...until I hit the last boss on the carrier and framerate dropped to -60 or whatever the fuck. I've heard this happening to even beefy modern rigs, so my laptop apparently had little chance. I've heard there are fixes involving which version of direct x you're using, but I know I'm at the end so I might just watch it on YouTube and move on.

    Overall a good game that I should have totally loved but ultimately found a bit underwhelming. I mean, I dig the sci-fi elements mixed with real-world military action, plus the suit is rad and the gameplay very solid, but the alien stuff just didn't work, at least for me. I've heard the series kinda goes downhill from here, so I'm not sure if I should even bother with Crysis 2 or not.
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  8. I remember seeing early screenshots of Crysis pre-release and I thought they must be bullshit, the game was so insanely ahead of it's time.

    How on Earth has there not been a current gen console update?

  9. 8) Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    Overall and really good game with a constant sense of progression related to your movement options.

    That being said, it needed more time in the oven. I left the game alone for almost an entire month after I started to experience slow down and loss of sound until reloading my final save resulted in Ori endlessly falling and no landscapes ever spawning. I only needed to load a prior save from minutes earlier, but something about things getting worse and resulting in that just made me step away for a while. If the bugs weren't present at launch, I probably would have a slightly higher opinion of the overall exerience.

    Assuming these things are patched over time, people playing this game from scratch will have a fantastic experience. Best Metroidvania since Hollow Knight.

  10. 7. Salamander 2

    I initially tried this game a bit in 2009, shortly after clearing Gradius and getting stomped by Gradius II. I was surprised that it seemed kinda easy: I could quickly hit the third stage, and without much practice started hitting the fourth before shelving it for whatever reason. Fast forward to a little over a month ago and I visit Tokyo for the first time (right before the pandemic really started becoming a travel concern), run into this at Mikado Takodanobaba, play a bunch of it, and then dust it off in MAME now that I'm stuck at home.

    Finally got that first loop clear! It's probably harder than the first Gradius, but not wildly so. It's fun to discover option placement tricks without worrying so much about rank, and the difficulty ramp-up in stages 5 and 6 definitely got my heart racing. The visuals aren't always the most consistent, sometimes mixing traditional pixel art with some too-chunky pre-rendered sprites, but I love all of the boss and stage designs and the soundtrack is god-tier. Wonder how different loop 2 gets, but I've only seen the first stage of it!

    I'll have to give the original Salamander a real shot and see how it compares.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    Oh? Do tell.
    Buncha homophobic and transphobic stuff in their dev discord, and then there was a whole row when they had a few hidden jokes along similar lines in the game.


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