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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. Sounds pretty much like the first time around.

  2. 10. Streets of Rage 4

    Just beat Story mode. Seems like a sick game. The combo system is flexible and satisfying, but thankfully the enemies don't have massive lifebars and the pace is probably about in-line with the originals. The music is fantastic, and the visuals are crazy-impressive in terms of animation and tech (and grew on me stylistically, too). Unfortunately the game's Arcade mode has to be unlocked by playing Story, but fortunately Story is way more palatable than most modern games in the genre: you're given a few lives and have to single-credit each stage one by one. And that arcade mode is strictly limited to a single credit, which is kinda neat!

    Looking forward to checking out harder difficulties, going for a 1cc, and checking out allll the unlockables (there certainly seem to be a lot of characters). Super cool so far.

  3. How does if stack up against the Double Dragon sequels?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    How does if stack up against the Double Dragon sequels?
    It's way better than Neon imo, but I'm not the best person to ask because I didn't think Neon was all that good.

    Double Dragon 4, uhhh, I've barely touched that one and I'm pretty confident SoR IV is better lol

  5. DD4 seems like a fan game or something. It looks like an NES game and you can avoid getting hit by just staying at the bottom of the screen.

  6. #56
    3. Warioware Touched. I think I'm done? I don't know. My attention span is finally short enough for this nonsense, but not long enough to sit through the story sequences.

  7. #3 Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    I really enjoyed this game. Game looks great and the battles are interesting once you are used to interrupting and switching characters constantly. Story took a weird turn but I never got far in the original so it is all new to me. Boss battles suck though, and the last 2 chapters blow thank god you can turn off the bike section on replay, those were the worst part of the game.
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  8. Click image for larger version. 

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    Sakura Wars (1996)

    Although I have had this in my collection forever, and played 3 and 4 with printed translations, I have actually never played all that much of the first game until now. Played on an emulator using the recent English translation patch.

    It was great finally being able to play one of these games in English, at a normal pace, but I have to say the first game feels pretty dated compared to the later ones. The battle system in particular is slow and clunky, and the battles long and mostly easy (which is actually a good thing because replaying them would be a pain in the ass). The battle system in the later games was much better. The story, too, didn't really grab me, especially in the first half, but it did pick up.

    It was still great to finally play this like it was meant to be played, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if it was the PS2 remake.

  9. 2. Bullet Soul (PC)

    This game was great, I wish I had picked it up earlier but I saw it on sale not long ago and finally bit. Really nice levels with interesting enemy designs and lots of bosses and mid bosses with tons of parts to destroy and optional bonus objectives. It looks great and plays fast and smooth. Tried all the various modes and I think Version B is my favorite. Was able to do a 1cc run and open the second loop but didn't make it to the True Boss (I don't know if you can get there if you continue since I did not). Really good feel on this game, will continue to try and get that true boss 1cc run.

  10. 11. Alone in the Dark

    Been meaning to play this for a while. I'd always heard about what a big inspiration this was for Biohazard, but I wasn't expecting it to be so similar. Just insane for 1992. The models are incredibly goofy and I'd imagine they always were, but the hand-drawn environments are pretty cool and the manuscript lore stuff is a nice touch. A couple of the puzzles get a little silly (I wouldn't have figured out that final one without a guide), and running is a pain in the ass on faster CPUs (fortunately there's a patch), but this was still pretty fun in spite of all that.


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