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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. 12. Alone in the Dark 2

    Kinda sucks, honestly. I like the pirate theme, but they really decided to spotlight the terrible combat from the original and subject you to WAY more of it. And you might think that the puzzles are more lightweight in this as a result, especially since they removed your ability to inspect things, but nah: later in the game you get some puzzles that involve some genuinely out-of-nowhere solutions and very tiny interaction hotspots. Not good!

  2. 3. Undermine (PC)

    This is such a damn good game! Been playing for like a year off and on and put 42 hours in before I had a run that made it all the way through. The developers have added two new biomes and bosses as free updates since I started playing, as well as a whole "Othermine" section, basically increasing the replay value a ton. And it was already a pretty addictive dungeon romp. I will continue to play because they're working on more content and it's a lot of fun unlocking everything.

  3. Civilization VI (PS4) - Prince difficulty. Civilization just consumes hours of my life like some fucking succubus. #Hexbasedgamewhore

  4. 13. Mad City

    Definitely from the peak of those Famicom years where devs were slamming a bunch of genres into one game, and it's got a lot of the roughness I'd expect due to that. The belt scroll segments are functional enough compared to other FC games, but they all wind up being surprisingly easy with the exception of a single boss (Stage 3). I kind of like how the ammo, bulletproof vests, and other pickup items work in these, but these mechanics don't really get explored much. The light gun and driving stages seem a bit more polished to me, but that's probably due to their relative simplicity.

    Awesome music and cool theme, though.

  5. 10) Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Ok it's hard to say you've ever completed a game you'll continue to fuck around with in varying degrees for some years, but from most metrics I would say that I've accomplished all the BIG things. I paid off my house in full, I hit 5 stars, I got Blue Roses and then after kicking out villagers to lack peppy and smug types I was able to find both Raymond and Audie. All 10 of my villagers are hand picked, I'm caught up entirely on all bugs and fish that have been possible to catch since release, plus a bunch of other stuff from Southern Hemisphere and I have all the fossils.

    I'm going to keep playing this game a lot this year and in some capacity for years, but for the purposes of this thread I think it's safe to say I've beat the main game and I'm just replaying post game from now on.

  6. 04) Shinobi (arcade)
    Cleared all stages except boss battles on the first three missions with no shurikens/gunfire for 20K special bonus, then finished with about 450K.

    05) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (PS4)
    Finished on Veteran. Riot shield beatdowns FTW.

    06) Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4)
    Finished this one on Veteran also. Some nice things in Ghosts are the space gun battles, playing as Riley the German Shepherd (you "sync" with him), and also the ending.
    So you think you killed Rorke. Surprise! Somehow he survives and captures you.

    07) Streets of Rage 4 (PS4)
    Finished Story mode on hard with all 5 main characters. I'm not disappointed with SoR 4 at all. Floyd has really been fun to use, especially with his "gotcha!" special and the double grab (carry one enemy and grab another, then they get slammed together). One nice new thing is how energy spent on special moves isn't really "gone" yet and can be earned back by hitting enemies with regular attacks. This and juggling open up good possibilities for combos. The soundtrack is worthy of the SoR series.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tain
    Double Dragon 4, uhhh, I've barely touched that one and I'm pretty confident SoR IV is better lol
    I've forgotten all about DD4, especially now that SoR 4 is here. Instead of making DD4 look and play like a NES game, Arc System Works should've made it more like Double Dragon Advance.

    Finished in 2020: 9 games (PS4: 9, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1)

  7. #4 Until Dawn

    I only got 3 survivors out of 8, not really obvious where I could have saved more. It is stretched out since you are always walking very slowly and trying to find that hidden clue. QTE breaks up the monotony.

  8. 08) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4)
    Finished campaign on Veteran. This is one of my favorite campaigns in the series, because it changes things up with the Jackal space dogfighting and the zero-g gun battles in space with a grappling hook (also good as a weapon). IW has a nice variety of grenade types to use, especially the seeker bots and the hacking charge. Hacking into an enemy robot, taking out a few enemies with its guns or melee attacks, and then sending it into a group to self destruct = priceless.

    09)Tetris Effect (PS4)
    Journey mode cleared on Normal. The gameplay is still Tetris, but the Zone system and the trippy "synesthesia" visuals and soundtrack make this one worth it. Zone slows the game down for a limited time to either get out of a mess or rack up bonus points with multiple line clears.

    Finished in 2020: 9 games (PS4: 9, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1)

  9. 14. Gargoyle's Quest

    Weird, uneven difficulty and retry structure, but the flight and wall grab mechanics are pretty fun (especially by the end of the game). I like the structure here, honestly: the light Dragon Quest trappings help it feel bigger than it is, and the action stages still manage to have a decent level of focus. The game also probably pushes the GB a bit too far, with uneven performance all over the place, but it looks pretty good given the hardware and release year.

  10. 15. King's Field (Japan)

    This was pretty fascinating, honestly. Everything about the game's rough edges makes sense considering it was almost a launch title (December '94) and was apparently the first game developed by the team. It's crazy choppy despite the heavy fog, the textures are often just noise, the lighting is nonsense, and I'm pretty sure I hit a legit bug preventing me from doing a key attack late in the game lol.

    The atmosphere is definitely strong, though. The game feels bleak and mysterious from the get-go, like the Souls games. I actually found the basic first person footsies combat to be kinda fun, too, at the start. When paired with a guide the game's about as long as it should be, I think, but I'd imagine that without a guide the illusionary walls would make this a total slog.

    Crazy how much more polished the second game seems, and it came out a mere 6 months later.


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