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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video


    it's incredibly corny for me to list this but it _is_ a video game that i beat. Learned so much from working on this over the years, very proud of it, very excited to finally release it, and I don't see game development ever getting old.

  2. Completing development of a game should definitely count, too!

  3. I played through Life is Strange 2 in about a week. As a whole, I liked the first one but it didn't get truely good until Episode 4 where the main mystery took off and you got to investegate. That lead into another great chapter in Episode 5 where the sum of the parts lead to an interesting and satisfying ending. I was engaged with 2 much faster, even if it feels like a much more linear experience (there's no mystery to solve, it's all about moving place to place).

    LiS 2 takes place in the same world, but with a completely different cast (there are a couple of nods to events in 1 scattered around). The main character is Sean Diaz, who you control the whole game and his younger brother Daniel. A tramautic event reveals that Dan has telekenesis powers and the whole game has you navigating the brothers across the country in search of safety and a new life.

    This story grabbed me much faster than the first game and it's successful in that I felt like I had to do my best in keeping my little brother safe. I think it took me about 15 hours. It's good that the story pulled me through because the gameplay is about as barebones as you can get. This is very much a choose your own adventure game that has less interaction than the Walking Dead series by TellTale (there are very few QTE action sequences in this).

    I knew that's what it was going to be like and it's the experience I was looking for, so I have nothing to complain about there. It looks much better than the original, the writing is generally excellent and the soundtrack ain't too shabby either. My only complaint production wise is that that actor for Sean has two gears: normal speech and I'm about to cry. There's nothing between those two emotions.

    There's much more diversity in people, locations, and situations in this one. The characters you meet along the journey was my favorite part...trying to figure out who you can trust/how much you can trust and genuine disappointment when you have to leave people behind is probably the game's greatest achievement. Having written a book that follows this general story structure and theme of there's more good than bad in the world probably made me more inclined to get invested in this than the average person.

    I loved the ending I got and was pretty bummed that my time with the brothers was over. There are quite a few choices I'd like to do differently (especially in Episode 2), judging by the stats at the end of each episode, your decisions at major points changes quite a lot. I like what DontNod does, makes me want to check out Before the Storm, which I ignored when it released.

  4. 10) Battle Squadron (Amiga)
    Cleared two loops and then stopped.

    11) Aragami (PS4)
    A stealth game with a ghost ninja, Aragami is a bit like Tenchu and Dishonored rolled into one. There is a Blink mechanic, and death-from-above kills. You pick up scrolls and save them to buy new skills like Kage (makes Aragami invisible), Banmoku (locates some enemies, not all), and Shadow Vanish which makes dead enemies disappear. Even better is the Shadow Kill which summons a dragon to consume your enemy, and gives you back a use of the currently equipped special technique. Kage can be upgraded to muffle your movement, even if you run. While I found the one-hit deaths annoying at first, I stuck with it and the game grew on me. Lince Works even gives a special thanks to From Software in the credits. The one downer is that the PS4 suffers occasional frame drops and tearing on a game that it should be able to handle perfectly.

    Finished in 2020: 9 games (PS4: 9, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1)


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