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Thread: Thank you, happy new year.

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Iíll be in Minnesota this year.
    I'll be in Minnesota this year and every year to follow. Offer remains. I can, like, drop off a pack of Furious for you and you can go on your way.

    Quote Originally Posted by 680x0 View Post
    Korian, myself and Peas are the only ones I can remember. Korian was a bit of a lolcow/gimmick poster if you don't remember.

    I also only post once a decade so I could be wrong.
    We're multiplying!
    bastard of the new world order.

  2. If you like Surly you should come to the brewery in MPLS, the food is usually pretty good and during lunch there is never a problem finding a seat.


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