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Thread: This Month's Haul: January 2020

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    Yeah, I’ve been eying one for Policenauts on the Saturn. It’s only $12 and includes repro disc art. I don’t know how these guys are making any money on them.
    Me too, the policenaut one looks incredible.

  2. Yeah, I just need to pick up a pseudo Saturn Cart and I’m going to pick it up.
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  3. Richter and Dark Samus amiibers, and a USB Saturn Pad (skeleton).

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bacon McShig View Post
    Richter and Dark Samus amiibers, and a USB Saturn Pad (skeleton).

    Me too!
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    What's the best usb sega mega drive control now?

  6. They all kinda suck in one way or another. Most are trash quality knock-offs.

    I have the retro-bit genesis one, and while the build quality is fine, it has a couple of bone-headed designs choices. For one, the added shoulder buttons are way too easy to accidentally press by just holding the thing, which is only an issue if you plan to map those buttons to something. For genesis emulation, it's obviously not an issue, but I get a lot of unwanted 3K and 3P in Street Fighter. In that regard, the Saturn pad would be better, but that pad doesn't have the extra face button that they added to the Genesis pad, which leads me to the biggest problem with these pads.

    Holding start for more than a few seconds on either of retro-bit's controllers will restart the controller and switch between d-input and x-input modes, which makes the button useless in any game where you need to hold start to enter a code or something. With the Genesis pad, I just map the mode button as start and use the start button for something else, like the coin input in MAME. The Saturn pad has no mode button, so you're shit out of luck if you need to hold start.
    It's pretty stupid, and retro-bit should have just put a physical switch on the back of the controller.

    The Genesis pad itself feels really good, though, and I've been using it as my main fightman controller since I bought it when it first came out. It works as good now as it did when I first got it, and hasn't gotten mushy or unresponsive. I've heard mixed things about the Saturn pad, though. Most people say stick with the updated version since the original version lacks Switch support and has quality issues.
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  7. I received some nice Tommy Bahama polos from my sister-in-law for my birthday.

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  8. Picked up two random NES games: Silver Surfer and Astyanax. I have played my share of difficult NES games, but this one, I just can't. If I last 30 seconds, I feel like a champ. I have not been able to complete even 1 level.

    Astyanax, OTOH, is a very competent Legendary Axe/Rastan clone. A little clunky control wise, but the game looks good and plays well. It is also not ridiculously difficult. I have always wanted to try this game so I am glad I did decades later. I will finish this one.

  9. I always wondered why there wasn't more of a push from the game modding scene to tweak bad games into better ones. Silver Surfer's got a lot going for it, the sprite art is good, the soundtrack and that Joe Jusko boxart are amazing. Just going in and futzing with the hitboxes and enemy placement seems like it would go a long way towards making the actual game part worthy of the other elements, and I'm sure that would be a pretty simple procedure versus a lot of the much more extensive and ambitious mods those guys generally get their hands into.

  10. You are right, someone needs to hack/tweak the hit box and slow down some of the bullets/enemies. It is just too much coming at you at all times.


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