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    Henry Cavill and cast have hit it out of the park with The Witcher. The show surpassed The Mandalorian as the most popular show from December 20th-28th. It's well deserved.

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    The show, which arrived on Netflix on December 20, passed Disney Plus' "Star Wars" series, "The Mandalorian," as the top show in the world the week of December 22 to 28. "The Witcher" was also the top show in the US, with nearly 127 million demand expressions compared with "The Mandalorian's" 115 million demand expressions in the US that week.

    It's an impressive start for "The Witcher" considering the popularity of "The Mandalorian," which last month dethroned Netflix's "Stranger Things" as the most in-demand streaming series in the US, breaking its 21-week streak at the top of Parrot Analytics' charts.
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  2. Should be noted Nielsen uses the term demand expressions because they have no fucking clue how many actually watched the shows. If you Tweet The Witcher just dropped cant wait to check it out! it counts as an expression. They just hope the volume normalizes out the noise, which is bad data labeling. Those metrics are very poor proxies.

    I did watch it though. And it was terrific. I wish they did more monster-of-the-week eps. Id love to see him do some leg work to prep for a fight, too. Im planning on actually reading the books now.
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  3. They didn'tt use Nielson to come to that conclussion. They used Parrot Analytics.
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  4. I enjoyed the show personally. It's been a long time since I sat down and binge watched something like this.
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  5. I liked it a lot too, looking forward to season 2. Eight episodes felt like just the right amount. HC is legit Geralt come to life. The crypt fight was the highlight action scene for me.

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