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Thread: PS5 might be $500 at launch.

  1. PS5 might be $500 at launch.

    It better have a great exclusive at launch, because there is no way I'm jumping in at that price for a console.
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  2. I did pay $399 for a Sega Saturn at launch, so I can't rule it out.
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  3. I did as well. I stumbled upon it at a Toys R' Us and never regretted that purchase.
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  4. If they're going the Microsoft route and keeping most games cross-gen for the first year or two, with the PS5 as the premium option, then $500 makes sense.
    If not, then they'll need definitely need those exclusives.

  5. The Series X will most likely be the same price. MS could get away with selling at cost and with the Ones still on the market and all games compatible, they'll have a series of price points to buy into. The Series X and PS5 are going to use the same expensive memory and a lot of companies are buying the same for their devices so supplies could be limited.

  6. They say that MS doesn’t make any money from the sales of One X, so I wonder if they’all eventually stop selling it as soon as as Series X comes out. Rumors are that there will be 2 hardware levels for series X, so that could be interesting.
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  7. Switch is "I've already got one plus it has everything I want to play on it" so let's see if Sony builds a compelling next generation. I already don't have a lot of reasons to play my PS4 outside of Delightful Streaming Media.
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  8. Paid more for 3DO and Neo Geo many moons ago. $500 ain't what it used to be.

  9. I wouldn't be surprised, but it's gonna come down to what it can give me at launch with backwards compatibility that decides if I'm there day one or not. There was that video showing how they could speed up Spider-Man like 100x and the city loaded so fast and perfectly that there was no stutter. If load times across all games are faster, if it has defaulted boosting for all unpatched PS4 games like the PS4 Pro does with it's boost mode, and if everything I can play now works, I'm in day 1 and the new games are icing on the cake.

    If it's 3 whatever launch titles and no backwards compatibility until they patch shit in, then why fucking bother at any price?

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    Paid more for 3DO and Neo Geo many moons ago. $500 ain't what it used to be.
    I'd paid $500 for a PS3 in the summer of 2007. It didn't have a great software lineup, but it did offer Blu-Ray movies @1080p and I had an HD CRT that wasn't getting HD content, so the price was kind of justified. The Xbox One launched at $500 and it didn't sell well, until MS dropped the Kinect and brought the price down to $400. MS might repeat that with their 12 Teraflop next gen console that will likely be priced near $600.
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