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Thread: PS5 might be $500 at launch.

  1. Sony has been awfully quite about this thing. I’m ok if any the new systems are up to $600. I get my money’s worth.

    Also in before the typical “duh, guys just buy a PeeCee” comments.
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  2. I will wait for rev 2.0 and sub $400, especially for XB since there aren't even any new games.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post

    Also in before the typical “duh, guys just buy a PeeCee” comments.
    None of those people live here anymore.

  4. I'm a PC gamer. I don't have an Xbox One, because I can play pretty much play all of its library on a PC. PlayStation, at least, offers exlusives that make the purchase of the console worthwhile.
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  5. cool story.

    But I didnt say there werent people that played pc games here anymore.
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  6. We’re you talking about Yoshi?
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  7. Pretty sure he was but Yoshi was driven off these forums ages ago but I'm sure there's a few PC Master Race people around still!
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  8. I typically play more on my low-end NUC than I do on my consoles, but I also like having a cheap way to play games with modern graphics, so having a console is worth it to me.
    If I had to upgrade my PC and console at around the same time, then I would probably just get a better PC. I don't really have a preference.

  9. I have a broad well NUC that I was trying to throw Windows 7 on. It was giving me issues, because W7 doesn’t come with USB 3.0 drivers on the disc. I’ve set that thing aside about 6 months ago and never got back to it. I might just try throwing a copy of W10 on it, to see if it will work. I was just going to use it as a small emulator box under my HD CRT.
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  10. Yeah don't bother with Windows 7.
    I have the NUC5i3RYB, which I think is a lower end version of the model you have, being an i3 CPU.
    Windows 8 ran fine on mine, and Windows 10 runs perfectly. I didn't get hit by any of the nasty updates.
    You could run just about any version of Linux as well, which might be good enough for emulation depending on what systems you want to play.


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