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Thread: This Year's Haul: 2020

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    2DS/3DS systems here have mostly become impossible to find at retail once Covid hit, other than a small trickle of 2DSXLs coming in now and then. It was fun a couple months back when my daughter suddenly decided she wanted to play the 3ds version of Animal Crossing and I suddenly realized nobody had them in stock except online scalpers wanting more for the basic 2DS than I paid for my 3DSXL. I eventually ordered a 2DSXL when they came in stock online.
    I took a peek at a Walmart in my area also. Shelves were pretty much picked clean on a lot of stuff. Hell I couldn't even find an Xbox One controller.
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  2. People are buying a lot more gaming consoles and PCs, since the lockdowns have come into affect. I had a hell of a time finding a good PC power supply and was fortunate enough to find a really good off brand at a good price. That power supply has now raised in price by $10. I was buying PS4 controllers for $49 at Walmart about 6 months ago. I checked the price on the controllers that were available on Saturday at my local Walmart, and what they had was now selling for $69.

  3. Must be that covid payout. Stores are pretty well stocked in my area. I remember reading about Switch shortages, and then always seeing them in stock at my local drugstore.
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  4. A lot of people working at home now and not having any outings because of business closures. My brother was working from home and was supposed to return in August, but he told me the other day, that they are working from home indefinitely. Gotta have something to do when you're stuck at home.

  5. Sure, but it's not like people are starting with nothing. It would take me at least another year of unemployed stay-at-homing to clear my backlog, and I probably don't have as much shit as the average gamer.

  6. It could be years for me. I really need to start chipping away at some of those libraries, dating back to the C64.

    Unnecessary Podcast talked about that subject on their latest show.

  7. I really need to concentrate on one platform at a time so that I can sell stuff in lots. I never play my GC, but I look at the games I have left for it and they're all stuff I think I'll really enjoy, so I keep it.

  8. I bought a (Krikzz) SD2SNES from a member of Sega-16. I got it at a pretty decent price, considering the demand for these things.

    I can finally put this Super UFO PRO 8 away. I never could figure out how to do save states on it.

    There are a ton of MSU-1 enhanced games on here. It was pretty cool to play Super Mario Kart with an orchestrated sound track.

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  9. I want to pick up a FxPro soon to try out these enhanced titles.

  10. The FX Pro is currently available for $197 at Stone Age Gamer.


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