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Thread: This Year's Haul: 2020

  1. I keep having to lecture my mom, who is 73 and a cancer survivor, about constantly going to the supermarket or pharmacy to pick up things. Stop that shit, mom!

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Good job missing the point.
    I get your point, but 2 weeks ago was right before people started panicking and hoarding things. There was a handful of cases in Texas at that time and none in Collin County.

    I've bigger things to worry about then just visiting HPB. My job requires me to visit multiple sites throughout the week. While we were doing a (glad they finally put it on hold) Michaels store PC upgrade project, I wore medical gloves and immediately threw them out when I'd finished replacing the hardware. I also shower every night when I get home, as well as in the morning, and I keep antibacterial gel in my truck to wipe my hands and face. I have real industrial face masks that I have used at sites like KinderCare, that have children, but it is kind of hard to breath with the mask on your face, becuase it traps alot of my hot breath inside of it. Seeing people wearing masks wrong, or masks that won't do anything is where things get silly.
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  3. I should be fine with a luchador mask and a dryer sheet, right?

  4. Doesn't matter, you are not important and should be sacrificed for the good of the economy

  5. Iím going to wear a jockstrap on my face and become internet famous.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    I’m going to wear a jockstrap on my face and become internet famous.
    I'm leaving that one alone.

  7. How about for $3.99 though
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  8. I "pre-ordered" the FF7 Remake vinyls a few weeks ago and they shipped them immediately. I haven't opened it yet but this is what it's supposed to look like.

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  9. The idea of an OST I love on vinyl does get me excited.

  10. Since nobody is updating for the next month, I just went ahead and made this the year 2020 haul.

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