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Thread: The 2020 TNL Revival

  1. The 2020 TNL Revival

    If we have one problem, it is lack of site traffic from veterans. People are not posting here because other people are not posting here. That is a vicious cycle.

    I think though that it is something a lot of us would like to see reversed. We are all on our phones and the internet more than ever. We all have nostalgia for this place. It would make sense that getting TNL busy again should be easy.
    So why the fuck aren’t we doing something about it?

    I am going to make TNL my home page again. I'm going to make it a point to open Gaming Discussion and Sound Off every day like I used to. Maybe I post maybe I don't, but I'm going to look. I am going to ask other people I know who have posted on TNL in the past (Rhydant, Kuro and NGEFreek) to log back in if only to drop into this thread and tell us they are alive.

    I think ya'll should do the same. I think if we all just remind each other about this place and what it meant to us in the past we could see a lot of familiar faces turn up. Maybe some of them stick around.


    I'm going through the user list sorted by total posts and putting people here who were very active at one point and haven't been around in ~year or more. Did you know Jeremy came out of a 3 year hiatus to post three times in February? Rad. Dude needs to post all the time again. Anyway back on topic, if you know these guys IRL tell them to come say hi. Also what the fuck happened in September of 2010? There's so many people that had their last posts in Sept 2010 that I have to assume there was some server migration thing or something? No way we actually lost all these people in a few week span. Right?

    Korly - Last seen May 2019
    arjue - Last seen Mar 2019 - BACK
    bandit - Last seen Feb 2019
    station82o - Last seen Feb 2019 - BACK
    Hero - Last seen Nov 2018
    Finch - Last seen Sept 2018
    Cheebs - Last seen Sept 2018
    Grave - Last seen Aug 2018
    ChaoofNEE - Last seen July 2018
    Aurora - Last seen July 2018
    ElCapichan - Last seen May 2018
    Advocate - Last seen Mar 2018
    Type Ryan - Last seen Sept 2018
    Diff - Last seen Dec 2017
    MechDeus - Last seen Nov 2017
    Geo - Last seen Nov 2017
    B-Ri - Last seen Oct 2017 - BACK
    Andy - Last seen Oct 2017
    stormy - Last seen Nov 2017
    Yoshi - Last seen Sept 2017
    PaCrappa - Last seen Jun 2017
    Brisco Bold - Last seen Apr 2017 - BACK
    bVork - Last seen Jan 2017
    Kidnemo - Last seen Dec 2016
    jyoung - Last seen Nov 2016
    AaronChance - Last seen Oct 2016
    FX - Last seen Sept 2016
    dave is ok - Last seen Aug 2016
    Master - Last seen Jul 2016
    Will - Last seen Jun 2016 - BACK
    Hubbitron - Last seen Apr 2016
    Tracer - Last seen Oct 2015
    Cowdisease - Last Seen Oct 2015
    Nomi - Last seen Sept 2015
    Compass - Last seen Jul 2015
    Thief Silver - Last seen Apr 2015
    epmode - Last seen Dec 2012
    Nash - Last seen Sept 2010
    George - Last seen Sept 2010
    K3V - Last seen Sept 2010
    Razor Ramon - Last seen Sept 2010
    Dyne - Last seen Sept 2010
    Despair - Last seen Sept 2010
    Rocca - Last seen Sept 2010
    StriderKyo - Last seen Sept 2010
    Brand X - Last seen Sept 2010 - BACK
    Mr-K - Last seen Sept 2010
    Shine - Last seen Sept 2010
    Revoltor - Last seen Sept 2010
    MakRyan - Last seen Sept 2010
    Tones - Last seen Sept 2010
    animegirl - Last seen Sept 2010
    Klonoa - Last seen Sept 2010
    Videodrone - Last seen Sept 2010
    DumpTruck - Last seen Aug 2010
    Ashen Victor - Last seen Jul 2010
    SpoDaddy - Last seen Jul 2010
    Tommy Tallarico - Last seen Mar 2010
    Jetman - Last seen Aug 2009
    g0zen - Last seen Apr 2009
    Clash! - Last seen Feb 2009
    youandwhosearmy - Last seen Oct 2009
    Sl1p - Post history missing
    Roufuss - Post history missing
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  2. Oh hey guys. What's new?

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  4. If you wanna say something, say it!
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  5. If someone needs to access an old account but no longer has the same e-mail address, or whatever the problem is, try reaching out to me or someone else here.

  6. Let's do this thing!
    Where I play
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  7. Hi Rhydant!

  8. After seeing ya'll try to disparage or put-down NeoZeedeater, who was among the most substantive and respectful posters on here, after he left the forum all those years ago, that was all I needed to confirm the site was dominated by jerk-offs.

  9. He came back for a while when the assholes left right?

    I think more people that love him are around now than people who were shitty to him.

    Edit: Also holy shit Shooting Love! Sixth post in the last decade, get back in here.
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  10. I thought he left because no one here talked games any more.
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