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Thread: Official Coronavirus 2020 Thread

  1. Business still has usual in construction this week. Only change Iíve encountered is most sites make you sign in so they know who to notify when someone does get sick. Nobody cares, we are all going to get it. All I have protecting me is a bottle of hand sanitizer in my work van. Good news is that the city I live in now doesnít just have a bunch of covid cases but it is now confirmed to have community spread. But hey, letís keep working. The flooring store Iím working in must get complete. Essential indeed.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    I have various art projects for people if they want or need to earn more money.
    Art projects? Like what, exactly?

  3. #203
    Various stuff. I want to make some stickers with lego bricks and another with minifigs so I can have stickers made. I'm going to put them on leftover protein bottles and convert them into lego buckets.

  4. You mean like brick tape?

  5. The tech industry in Toronto has been gutted. 2000+ layoffs in the first 3 weeks alone. Feeling grateful/lucky to have solid employment still.

  6. At this point I know more people who are laid off than still working. I know too many people in hospitality and retail.

  7. There has to be an opportunity in all this.
    Maybe some sort of contactless delivery service?
    DIY solar kits?

  8. A guy I know makes cornhole bags and boards on the side. He is fucking killing it right now. Had 4k in sales last week when he normally has a few hundred.

  9. The hero we deserve.

  10. I've heard that the cannabis industry is making a killing right now.
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