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Thread: Official Coronavirus 2020 Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    It's almost as if social distancing works.
    I donít buy the economy opening and no spikes. Thatís been consistent.

    Thereís been an influx of strange illness during covid too. I wonder if itís causation or if weíre honestly just testing everyone more diligently so other underreported illnesses are being found too.

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    Some people argue that staying inside more + stress can lead to more illness. It makes some sense. Lack of sunlight and fresh air can increase risk of colds. And stress lowers the immune system.

    Also, conservative states may be misreporting Ronald to get the numbers down. Someone willing to go through the data will have a good book deal on their hands. Like isnt pneumonia deaths 5x greater than normal? Take that plus any other illnesses they are hiding rona under, come up with a better total, write a few chapters on who and why they hid it, and bam, national best seller.

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    That's not really a conspiracy btw. You see that type of misreporting everywhere. I used to have to make equipment downtime paretos and people on shift would hide or change the reason codes for their own ends. That's just normal 9 to 5 guys.

  4. Goodhartís law. True of most politicians too.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    I donít buy the economy opening and no spikes. Thatís been consistent.
    Come on, man. Everywhere that has reopened IS spiking (and some that haven't really, like CA). New York and NJ, which were responsible for most of the cases at one point, are way down because they both remain closed and are past the curve and maybe approaching herd immunity. If you look at the numbers nationally, those two opposite trends cancel each other out, but that's a real dumb way to look at those numbers.

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  6. Iím not sure what weíre discussing here? Weíre in agreement there will be spikes if we reopen too fast, or do you think the social distancing is enough to reopen safely?

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    Social distancing probably isnt enough if only because people are stupid.

  8. It's also not really possible to do it properly in far too many places.

    I just wish the fast food places here that are still operating drive-through windows would open up some walk-up windows as well.

  9. My area just hit Phase Two of reopening today. In-store retail is open, restaurants can have outdoor dining, and I CAN FINALLY GET MY HAIR CUT.

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