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Thread: Official Coronavirus 2020 Thread

  1. I've been working from home for a while now, so nothing's really changed for me. My girlfriend's a psychologist and as of today she's stopped having patients to her office and switched to phone/Skype sessions only for the time being.

    My favorite Starbucks, which is roomy and cozy and quiet and great for relaxing and reading in, is now take-out only due to this bullshit.

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    All schools in New York State have been closed. All restaurants and bars in NYC are now take-out only.
    Well, now ALL bars and restaurants in NY state are take-out only. And as of 8pm tonight, all the gyms and movie theaters are closed until further notice. Shit. Weights are stress management for me. Guess I better work on my cardio more?

    Fuck. Guess I better get to Walmart and see if I can pick up a cheap dumbbell set. The preserve near me has those bodyweight exercise stations at regular intervals along a pathway...I can probably combine the two and be okay.
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    Dont go to a Walmart. Work out outside. The preserve should be fine. It's fine to like, go hike or ride a bike, or run, or even go to a park, as long as you are doing it solitary or as a couple and staying away from other people
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  3. Mickey D's in San Antonio are now Drive-Thru only. Shocked it took them this long.
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  4. I didnít look at this bc Iíve been in thesis-and-finals-land.

    School is basically closed, all finals were moved online. Spring semester will be 100% online. I fear for my boomer professors who can barely operate email.

    I am graduating at the end of the week, and basically all the milestones I should be going through have been canceled. Iím very, very existentially pissed. Commencement will most likely be delayed. While I was meh about going through it, Iím frustrated that I wonít get the chance. Iím more upset that I wonít really get to have ďthe last chatĒ with some people who have helped me along the way. Iíll send them emails obviously, but itís not the same.

    Thereís some benefits to my painfully small college town, one of them being that all the kids are flocking back home so goods arenít gone yet. Stores are pretty empty for sure, but it seems like itís still possible to get meat, some bread, cereal. My husband got really lucky yesterday, they were putting out a 12 pack of toilet paper and he grabbed it. Stupid things I never thought Iíd give a fuck about!

    Itís mostly just boring, but Iíve basically been on quarantine bc of my research this semester anyway. Iíve been locked up in my room writing for 7-10 hours a day, for about 10 weeks. So....this is just insult to injury at this point. Husband has been working mostly remotely for the past 6 months, so I just have to concentrate on not murdering him because now I canít even go to class to catch a break.

    I turn in all my work on Friday, so after that I guess I better get a hobby that isnít ďdoing research about the Holocaust.Ē
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  5. My wife had her first customer call in saying they have symptoms. Will find out tomorrow the extent but now their meds will have to be shipped and theyíre running low.

    The death rate in Italy is ~7.2? Thatís higher than China I think. Theyíre so fucked

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BonusKun View Post
    Mickey D's in San Antonio are now Drive-Thru only. Shocked it took them this long.
    Not just San Antonio, nationwide. The country is shutting down, and things are going to get worse still before they get better.
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  7. So Trump is insisting on exclusively calling the cronoavirus the "Chinese Virus." I guess he's just trying to get everyone desensitized to how racist it is.

    At least he's not calling it the Slant-Eye Virus, but give him time.

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  8. I noticed that only "news" from a certain ideological slants insists on calling it the Wuhan Coronavirus.

  9. I just call it SARS 2.

  10. We have service tickets for 24 Hour fitness and LA Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness just got taken off of the board and my scheduled visit to LA fitness is in jeopardy of getting cancelled.

    I stopped by 2 Walmart’s today, 1 while doing 1 hour of work in Abilene. I managed to get a large 3 pack of Puffs tissue and 3 of the small tissue cubes. The Abilene store had 8 boxes of Vick’s Puffs, which everyone passed on.
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