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Thread: Official Coronavirus 2020 Thread

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    Official Coronavirus 2020 Thread

    With the TNL Revival™, and a worldwide pandemic both ramping up I figure we might as well have a thread about it.

    How are you dealing with things?


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  2. I went to my local Walmart on Tuesday, and there was maybe 4 packages of toilet paper left on the shelves. Those shelves were full on Saturday and I already had about 20 rolls at home, but I went ahead and bought a package of 6 double roll to.

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  4. Not a damn thing is really happening in San Antonio.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Somebody created a panic about having enough toilet paper and bottled water, should people need to stay home. I’d noticed yesterday, that the family next door to me had about 6 large bundles of bottled water stacked in the corner of their garage. There were people on the news, fighting with a lady over her cart full of the last rolls of TP at a Kroger. It’s crazy. What’s next, canned goods?
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    probably. People are stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    What’s next, canned goods?
    Where exactly have you been?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    probably. People are stupid.
    The stupidest thing I'm seeing is people getting mad about their schools and their sportsballs and their concerts. Like, how dare this threat to world health inconvenience them personally. It's disappointing at best.

  10. My life overall has not changed, but my work has a lot. We've completely pivoted to different daily work and will until we get to the other side of this.

    The good thing about this panic buying is you see everyone getting soaps and sanitizers, which has to help curb the spread.


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