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Thread: I finally visited the National Videogame Museum.

  1. AVI is just a container, though, isn't it?

  2. Yes, it was designed for Windows Media Player, which also WVI (?) files. It’s on the compatibility list for Youtube.
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  3. I just stick with .mp4 files in general, but I haven't uploaded anything to youtube in ages.

  4. I think I'm done using MP4 with YouTube. I swear the video quality was much better last night, when I checked out its quality. It looks like ass today. I'm updating it to AVI.
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  5. So, I converted the video to AVI and it came out to a whopping 60GB at 720p/60. That was just way too much. It would have taken over 3 hours to upload onto Youtube. I decided to use Nvidia Shadowplay to record the MP4 video and then uploaded it to my channel. We'll see how long that looks decent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Yes, it was MP4. I might have to try a different render, like Avi. *Edit* I just checked my phone’s video settings. It’s set to 1080p/30. I might have to render the video at 30fps, instead of 60. Still, the compression squares aren’t showing up in my final rendered video, like they are on YouTube.

    I’ve taken direct Shadow Play recordings @1440p/60 and still, youtube compresses the shit out of it.
    I record and edit in avi using virtual dub. You can deinterlace and correct the screen size for youtube for free with virtualdub. I then convert it to mp4 using handbrake.

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    A video I did

    Vhs>aviallinwonder>pc as avi>deinterlaced and resolution edit in virtualdub as avi > to mp4 with handbrake

  8. mp4 is just a container as well, and what codec you use can make a significant difference as well. Make sure you're using a good modern codec if you're going to upload a compressed video, and make sure you're using a good encoder. For example H264 and similar settings can get you different results from say After Effects, or Adobe Media Encoder. You would think coming from the same company it'd be the same but I've definitely noticed a difference.

    You are better off uploading an uncompressed video to Youtube and let youtube just compress it once. Of course there are limits to this (I forget off hand what the largest file youtube will let you upload) but in general that is the ideal way to handle it.
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  9. I think that there are two different versions of MP4. There’s also .MP4, which I believe Nvidia’s Shadowplay uses. Here’s a direct rip from my PC using Shadowplay. It’s clean and doesn’t use a lot of space. Youtube also doesn’t Jack it up like the MP4 video I processed with Sony Vegas.

    Youtube has changed something about how it handles MP4. I had videos that looked good on my channel several years ago, and now they look like crap.
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  10. It's the codec. Try using something like H.264 or newer.


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