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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. The remaster is pretty old (8 years) actually. It came out shortly after the PS4. The newer version is using the engine from TLOU2, which was brought up several times in the DF video.

    I’ve finished both the PS3 and PS4 versions and was recently thinking about it playing it again. It’s one of my favorites from the PS3/PS4 era, as is the Uncharted series.

    I just found out that it’s also coming to PC. I’d fork out $40 for a digital copy, to play it in native 4K.
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  2. You can get the Horizon Bundle from Walmart for $549. It’s available for 3 day shipping.

  3. I saw it running on PS5, and while it is really smooth (60fps?), it doesn't seem to be that different from the PS4. It looks very similar/familiar, but I am sure there are significant upgrades. I like this game but doesn't feel to need to revisit any time soon, so I will wait until the inevitable $10 price point.

  4. I got it, but my situation is unique. My wife willy watch any Uncharted/TLOU game start to finish with me if I play on an easy difficulty and crank through, because then they're just neato 8 hour movies. We played The Last of Us Remaster on PS4 before Part 2 came out 2 years ago and loved every second of it. So basically this updated version is an excuse to "rewatch" a movie we like together, probably going to go through it in October since it fits the creepy month theme.

    If they only did an FPS upgrade, I would have stuck with the PS4 version. But changing the engine and doing the AI shifts they did, made this more than just a "blu-ray" version and more of a "directors cut".

  5. Sony had their State of Play today. GOW: Ragnarok looks amazing!

  6. I'm trying to media black out the game since I know I'll play it day one, but everyone keeps talking about how good it looks and it's really hard to not watch the new footage.

  7. I didn't think we'd see Tekken 8 in action until next year.

  8. The steroid look is a bit much for Tekken 8.

  9. Agree, it should be called UFC instead.

  10. I got one of them there 2TB internal drives for my PS5 and it copied 580Gb of data from the console storage over to the expansion drive in 8 minutes, that's pretty neat!

    I'm going to put PS4 games on the internal drive and PS5 games on the expansion drive and basically install every game I ever have a hankering to mess around with. It's been a hot minute since that was possible for me at all. Like, for reals the PS2 when there was no install was the last time you could just pop in a game and start it, and I've never had an expansion drive for the PS3/4 era for one reason or another.


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