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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. Well, if you have Witcher 3 for the PS4, there's a next gen patch coming to the PS5, Xbox One X/S and PC on the 14th. I've already been messing with Ray Tracing on the PC version.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    I got one of them there 2TB internal drives for my PS5 and it copied 580Gb of data from the console storage over to the expansion drive in 8 minutes, that's pretty neat!

    I'm going to put PS4 games on the internal drive and PS5 games on the expansion drive and basically install every game I ever have a hankering to mess around with. It's been a hot minute since that was possible for me at all. Like, for reals the PS2 when there was no install was the last time you could just pop in a game and start it, and I've never had an expansion drive for the PS3/4 era for one reason or another.
    I got a Samsung 2tb coming in a couple days from Black Friday. $189.99
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  3. So from all the games I got Demons Souls is eating up all my play time. Itís like a new game because I donít remember shit from the PS3 version and this version looks great! I would say this was worth getting a PS5 for.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  4. I finally got a PS5 after a 2 year hiatus. It had been showing up on Walmart's website just about once or twice a week and I managed to order the God of War: Ragnarok bundle for $559. I should arrive by next Thursday.

    I also got a $100 gift card at the company Christmas party. So, I went ahead and used it to pick up this slick Purple Dual Sense controller today.

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  5. I want so badly for them to make transparent Dual Sense controllers.

    I'd get a blue one to relive the nostalgia of my favorite PS1 controller.

  6. Finally Gamevet! Time to play all the PS4 games

  7. New and Improved. I even get an updated Demon’s Soul from the PS3.

    I am interested in playing Callisto Protocol. It actually runs better on the PS5, then on PC or Xbox.
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  8. It arrived today.

    I will be starting with GOW: Ragnarok, KOF.

    And I've been sitting on this, for 2 years now. My wife gave me a box with a picture of the PS5, Demon's Souls and a $500 gift card from Best Buy. I ended up buying a Switch with the gift card, since there was no way in hell I would be finding a PS5 at Best Buy, anytime soon.

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  9. You should check out Astro's Playroom first, it is really good to show off the adaptive feedback.

  10. Definitely!


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