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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. I preordered it from Walmart, but haven't heard if it will be shipped this week. I am excited about the BC capacity, having skipped the Pro's better performance.

  2. I'm halfway curious because I completely skipped the PS4 - I legit don't know if I've ever played a PS4 exclusive? But I also struggle to think of all that many I'm genuinely interested in. Despite the mediocre reviews, I was always a little bummed I missed out on The Last Guardian, but I can't think of all that many others. Maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised by God of War or Spiderman, although they both like a little 'Generic AAA Big Game with a Million Grating Things To Do' to me.

    I was also really hoping the PS5 had a Quick Resume feature for multiple games at once like the Xbox Series X/S does. That is a quality of life feature I can't get on PC, and I love suspending games on my Switch (one at a time, anyway). (But the Xbox has legitimately zero exclusives I can't get on PC, so I really can't justify that console at all.)
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  3. I haven't owned a Sony console since PS2, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, but the PS5 seems like a great upgrade for anyone who has a lot of PS4 games. Just about everything seems to run better, although there are some weird cases where the unpatched retail disc runs better on PS5 than the PSN version of a game.

  4. I don’t have a 4k television, but I do have a 1st round PS4. I was pretty disappointed with the frame rate of the PSN+ Free Need for Speed game, because of the gimpy frame rate. I’m looking forward to having PS4 games at 60fps, along with the new stuff.

    What are you playing on Kedawa, the Switch?

  5. Mostly I play on XBOX and PC these days, but I still have several old Nintendo consoles that I occasionally fire up.

  6. I don’t have an Xbox One, because both PCs I have play the same games as the console, with much better performance. I like Sony’s exclusives, so I’ve stuck with PlayStation.

  7. I haven't had a real gaming PC since 2004, and my friends are mostly on XBL, so it actually serves a purpose in my case. My current PC can run PS360 era games and emulators well enough, and that's mostly what I play anyway, so the XBOX is just a cheap way to play the occasional current gen game with friends.

  8. Yeah, when I was gaming on 360, I did a lot of online gaming with friends. I kind of got burned out on it, after nearly 14 years between the Dreamcast, OG Xbox, PS2 and 360. The last semi serious online game I played was Battlefield 1 on the PS4 and Titanfall on PC. I dabbled here and there, but I’m pretty close to not caring about online play anymore.

    That being said, the Xbox Series X is an amazing piece of hardware for the price. It would be a better use of money that building a PC to get current with gaming. You could never say that about the PS4 or Xbox One. I do think that Xbox and PC are able to play together online though. I see some of my Xbox Live friends during Forza Horizon 4, as competitors in my offline races.
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  9. GT7 looks amazing! 4K at 60 fps.

  10. I own an Xbox One and Switch, no PS4. But I might jump back in this generation.

    $70 games would allow Nintendo to add an upgrade chip inside each Switch cart. The ability to do that is a great advantage of carts over discs and downloads. Iím curious to see if Nintendo will go that route.
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