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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. An upgrade chip won't do much for the Switch. Nvidia is working on their latest Tegra chip, which has been rumored to be used in a possible next gen Switch.
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  2. The Switch cartridge port is basically an SD card slot, so there's no way the interface could handle a coprocessor. It's not like the old consoles that had cartridge ports with direct access to the system bus.
    I imagine we'll see some sort of 'Pro' Switch next year, though.

  3. I want to play Demon Souls again something fierce. Doesnít help itís one of the only actual next gen looking games. God help me if I ever see a PS5 out in the wild.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    I want to play Demon Souls again something fierce. Doesn’t help it’s one of the only actual next gen looking games. God help me if I ever see a PS5 out in the wild.

    I know, right?

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  5. This system won't matter till fall next year. The FOMO isn't there for me in the least.

  6. I'm kind of frustrated at not being able to get one yet. I don't need the PS5 for anything exclusive, although I'd love to play a new AstroBot, but I've got a few PS4 games I'd like to inaugurate the system with and there's going to be a nice library coming along soon enough.

    Last Thursday was a great reminder that online retailers simply aren't ready for any kind of real traffic. Nothing like waiting 3-4 minutes to load a page, knowing the PS5 is in the cart and if only it was possible to check out maybe I'd be able to get one, but the delay means it's definitely too late now.

  7. Got it. Digging it so far. AC Valhalla is not a next gen experience but it is very much a super this gen experience. I will be grabbing Spidey at some point soon, but I'm an AC whore so I'll be finishing that before I move on.

  8. Spidey has some crashing issues. Devil May Cry 5 SE has Ray Tracing and other next gen enhancements.

  9. Not at all stoked for this. I guess Iíve been around too much to know truly next gen games are probably not going to ship until next year if not later.

    PS4 Miles Morales will do just fine.

  10. Also I have to say that I'm a bit conflicted in how I feel about the design of the PS5. I appreciate they didn't just make it another black/grey box that goes under the TV. But at the same time the actual form factor they chose is so dorky I am kind of hating the look they ended up going with.
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