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Thread: Trails of Cold Steel IV (PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch)

  1. PlayStation 3 Trails of Cold Steel IV (PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch)

    Game Informer released the story about it on April 1, and I was ready to not believe it, thinking it was an April Fools joke. But anyway... Trails of Cold Steel IV has been officially announced. No joke. NISA is now taking preorders and there's a page on Steam for the PC version (that and one for Switch will be out in Spring '21). PS4 Frontline and Limited editions are $60 and $100 respectively. BTW, Durante will be working on the PC version just like he's done with the other three.

    Nice. I've been pleased with ToCS III's localization so far (I'm on Chapter 3 now). I'm expecting this to turn out just as well.

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  2. Well I'm dyslexic. I always thought that said Trials of Cold Steel. Then I watched the video and heard them say it and was like fuck really?

  3. Dude.

    I have thought this series was Trials of Cold Steel as well. This is some Berenstain Bears shit.

  4. I also read Trials and thought this was a sequel to that hillbilly motorcycle jumping simulator.

  5. I would be all about that, sadly it is not the case.

  6. This is a good series, as far as JRPG goes.

  7. Is there a lot of reading? Clearly I can't handle this game's brand of wordplay.

  8. And something else... what about Ys IX Monstrum Nox? It's now being readied for a Western release.

    Zero and Ao no Kiseki are getting a Japanese release for PS4 (Zero on 4/23, Ao on 5/28). A key part of Falcom's plan with that is to get the Crossbell arc into other territories.
    Quote Originally Posted by Toshihiro Kondo
    I very much regret that we were unable to release Zero and Ao [in the west]. I think that releasing on PlayStation 4 will lead to an opportunity to release these games in North America and Europe. As for Ys IX, preparations are currently underway for release [in the west].
    NISA also had Durante fix up their PC version of Ys VIII, and there's an official HQ texture pack for it.

    Finished in 2020: 7 games (PS4: 6, Arcade: 1)


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