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  1. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    I tried the original Assassin's Creed, it was ok but I got bored. Never really got into the other games, always had a negative association of "annual cash grab bullshit" with the series. Then a buddy at work swore up and down that if I tried Odyssey I'd like it because of the open detailed world, rpg mechanics and sense of progression. That mother fucker was right, Odyssey was a very well constructed game that I had way more fun with than I ever imagined I would. The direction they've started to move this series in is promising. If they can figure out their gear scaling and upgrading issue from the last game; I could go on forever but basically there's no god damn way to have a matching set at your level unless you are at level cap, they could have a real banger here.

    I'm cautiously optimistic.
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  2. Setting looks great. I still need to play through Odyssey but the map is just so overwhelming.
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  3. I think I put some where around 140 - 160 hours into Odyssey, I loved all of it. I am fully in for this.
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  4. The theme for this is a great idea, I haven't played Odyssey yet but it got a lot of praise so that bodes well for the direction of the new game.


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