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Thread: Let's talk mixed drinks

  1. Let's talk mixed drinks

    I've been having some fun mixing drinks lately. I'm not good at, I don't own most of the stuff you would need, and I don't even know where to start.

    Lately, with what I do have around the house in quarantine, I've been doing three main things:

    1) Hornitos Tequila with Kirkland Margarita mix. Its the best Tequila I've found to make margaritas with and the weather has been warm lately.

    2) Mount Gay Rum (best name ever and it's good rum), Sprite and Orange juice. Tastes insane, super smooth.

    3) Haku Vodka, also Sprite (because I don't have soda water and Sprite is basically the closest I have to soda water and syrup) and cherry syrup.

    If I was gonna get ahold of versatile mixing ingredients what would you guys recommend? Any easy tasty drinks you do on the regular?

    Follow up, I have liked Gin with citrus (maybe soda water and lemon, or just straight with Squirt) and I think that's a fun enough angle for it, very bright and refreshing. But what the fuck do normal people do with Gin?
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  2. Iím judging you for drinking Sprite in general.

    I had an ok bar cart a couple years ago, but keeping it stocked with a lot of variety was kind of a pain. I would tend to default to something with fresh citrus, like a whiskey sour (2oz whiskey, 1oz lemon or lime, 1/2-1oz simple syrup, an egg white), or a Negroni variant (1oz each of bourbon or gin, Campari or other aperitif, sweet vermouth). Simple syrup is dead easy to prepare and keep on hand, so I just always have a bottle around. Also donít drink much soda outside of sparkling water.

    For me, I think if itís 100% agave itís gonna be fine tequila. Maybe I could get something better for my headache the next day, but I suspect itís due to the amount. I had bought Tres Agaves margarita mix once when I saw it bundled together with the tequila, and it was good, but Iíll opt to just make one with fresh lime now. I found an orange liqueur that comes in a green bottle shaped like Grand Marnier for half the price (literally just says Licor de Naranja on the label), and it mixes into a good margarita at 1.5oz tequila, .75oz orange liqueur, .5oz lime juice/one limeís worth.

    I want to like gin, but by itself it just tastes so similar to vodka, I do like the botanicals and would opt to use gin over vodka in most applications, but it might depend on the drink. I had a celery flavored gin that was great in a Bloody Mary. Iíd drink more gin and tonic if I kept more tonic, but Iíve been going gin with lemonade as the weather is warming up (2oz gin, 1oz lemon juice, 1oz simple syrup, top with water or sparkling).

    I havenít done a lot of mixing recently, so I donít have a lot coming to mind. Iím fine with just sipping aperitifs alone. A little garnish and a special glass goes a long way to making a home cocktail feel like a treat. I was shaking up eggnogs in the winter, and that is definitely my preferred type now.
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  3. I don't usually drink like just a Sprite, but I keep this pull put drawer in my fridge totally stocked of canned sodas, Capri Sun for the kids, and easy drinking Beers that friends and family would prefer.

    So we found ourselves in a situation where Sprite was the go to mixer and it's been fucking delicious. Like these are the frozen pizzas of mixed drinks I'm making, nothing fancy or well crafted, but God darn are they tasty drinks while watching Bob Ross and winding down for the night.

    But I want to be better! Teach me.

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    I'm fucking lazy. I put two oz of wisky in a class, then put two cups of sugar free pink lemonade on the top.

  5. Dude if you like how it tastes, fucking do it.

    I've never thought to mix whiskey with anything but Coke. Is that a popular thing you're doing or did you just make it up and now you like it?

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    I probably had things in the house.

    What do they put in arnold palmers?

  7. Just Iced Tea and Lemonade.

    I suppose of you were going to make an alcoholic one you'd either go whiskey or vodka.


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