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Thread: Official Speedrun History Thread

  1. Official Speedrun History Thread

    I wondered if TNL would be interested in things like Summoning Salt's speed run history videos and then immediately in the other Speedrun thread MVS brought him up. So here we are.

    For me it was this Pokemon Red and Blue video that first intoruduced me to him, but all of his videos are good even if you haven't played the game it's about. He does a really good job of explaining mechanics and the community when he covers a game:

    I also really like this AverageTrey did on Super Mario Sunshine:

    Anyone else out there making content like this?

  2. Summoning Salt's videos are fantastic.

    Karl Jobst does some decent ones on a smaller scale also.
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  3. I've enjoyed Summoning Salt's videos. I haven't seen any other creator's stuff, do they do anything but copy Salt?
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  4. I think Summoning Salt has set such a high bar that everyone else is just trying to play catch up with what he's done, you kind of can't improve on his thoroughness and because of that all other videos are gonna kind of feel like copying with parts missing.

    Other people have different tones or humor, but I've never seen anything in someone else's video that Summoning Salt doesn't always address.

  5. After a 5 month break he's Summon Salt released a 59minute video and now a 44 minute video in under a month. He's a machine.

  6. Your avatar reminded me of one problem which I have encountered a while ago, what happened with Rick and Morty? Last season is really weak (compared to previous ones).


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