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Thread: Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch)

  1. Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch)

    Looks to me like Paper Mario is following in the footsteps of BotW, Mario Odyssey and AC New Horizons. Giving us the biggest and most ambitious title in the series on Switch. This trailer is awesome.

  2. Trailer looked great, I'm excited for this. Though I never did get around to playing Color Splash, maybe I'll try to fit that in before this one comes out.
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  3. Sticker Star sucked. Color Splash was good but not great while heading in the right direction at least.

    Right off the bat this game not advertising a collectible battle mechanic, to me anyway, means a return to combat closer to Thousand Year Door which with these visuals and other shown mechanics, sounds fantastic.

  4. I like how it looks. I'm in.
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    This looks great!
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  6. I probably won't play because rpg, but it looks super cool.

  7. Started today and this game is certainly the closest to a real RPG since Thousand Year door, but it's certainly RPG-lite at most. I get why fans of the series want a return to the real deal RPG systems of the past, and I would enjoy that a lot, but instead of complaining about what this game isn't, I'm going to say that it's a well polished and entertaining game with a lot of charm. A LOT.


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