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Thread: The Last Dance

  1. The Last Dance

    Pretty good doc. Some primo quotes in this one.

    Who's watching the ?

  2. I've been listening to the guys on the local radio station "The Ticket" talking about each episode. Apparently, Horace Grant didn't take too kind to what Jordan said about him.

  3. Well, there are a lot of people that Jordan doesn't take very kindly to and he does verbalize that. I think Horace Grant was upset because they cut a lot of his interviews. So maybe an interview where he says he stood up to Jordan is gone while there's a lengthy interview with Steve Kerr about his argument with Jordan. He really didn't get the props that he should have gotten in the documentary to be honest.

  4. I think he was most upset about Michael saying stuff like telling the plane staff to not give him a meal, because the way he performed on the court was undeserving of it. Grant has been calling out Mike, as a man, about how he was being degraded.

  5. Thats MJ.


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