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Thread: The Biden Presidency

  1. And, just so we're clear, Trump is a fucking idiot for not wearing a mask and for never sending a consistent message about this virus.

  2. I think if Trump actually isolated himself and showed he listened to the advice of medical professionals people would be at a complete loss for words.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    Are you saying that Joe Biden has Covid? Because that would be news. Otherwise, it's just "seriously" ignorant. If Trump were doing it, you'd be saying he's hiding from the press in his bunker because he's avoiding the hard questions. I doubt that you'd be giving him credit for the "saving the public" by hunkering down. At all. Besides, it's duplicitous. Here's savior Joe today:
    What the living fuck are you talking about?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    Well, to be fair, Trump also isn't hiding in his basement in the most unprecedented campaign run in political history.
    He probably should though, his numbers always go up on those rare occasions where he keeps a low profile. Trump doesn't understand that a lot of Americans are just sick of hearing about his bullshit every goddamn day. They'd vote for a Lawn Gnome over him just for the peace and quiet.

  5. Trump held a rally outside of an airfield in Omaha last night, bussed in a bunch of supporters in the middle of nowhere, and then didn't bother to transport them back to their homes after the rally. Just left 'em stranded.

    I realize this won't affect his opinion ratings among his supporters, but it's yet another one of those "perfect metaphor" stories about the Trump administration.
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  6. Biden held a rally as well. Over 50 people were in attendance.

  7. look here, upon a sig graveyard.

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