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Thread: The Biden Presidency

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    Yeah, I've heard a lot of trumpers bailing on fox news because they heard fox news is now owned by disney.
    They're turning on everyone who doesn't have Trump's back to the bitter fucking end. They're all "RINOs". Brian Kemp is a RINO, Mitch McConnell is a RINO, Amy Coney Barrett is a RINO. After Jan 6, Mike Pence will be a RINO. To them, there is no ideology, no agenda besides Trump. It's Trump or bust.

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    The sad thing was that it was so marginal. He still got a lot of votes. More votes than anyone in the history of this country that isnt Biden.
    It shows how brainwashed people are. The two worst candidates since Ford/Carter should have had the lowest voter turnout, not the record highest. I’m certain 50% of Trump voters were voting against Biden and stomaching Trump and 80% of Democrats were voting against Trump and stomaching Biden.
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    Using research based on dead fetuses to beat covid?

  4. Serious Q: Can the House keep reintroducing the stimulus increase bill? If so, they should. Over and over. Let that waste of human life McConnell keep denying the vote. Let denying that vote be all he knows for the next six years.

  5. This week should be fun. We have the Georgia runoff election, Congress will certify the election results, and Trump is inviting all the white trash on Earth to converge on DC for protests.

    And speaking of Trump, I hope prosecutors take a good long listen to this phone call:

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  6. They're going to claim it's edited or not him or something.

  7. They're already saying "it's only four and a half minutes of audio! Where are the other 35 minutes? What are they trying to hide?"

    I mean, the clip already contains Trump demanding the Georgia Secretary of State to "find" enough votes to overturn Biden's win, in addition to vague legal threats if he doesn't. Does it matter what else was said?

    Seriously, at this point if you're still a Trump supporter you're either retarded or a traitor. End of story.
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  8. 4 minutes? Which version did they listen to? Lol. Anyway, we gettin' bingo with this card:

  9. Well, Trump himself has confirmed that the call was real, since he's now suing the Georgia Secretary of State for allegedly releasing the audio.
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  10. There's so much stupid in this call. He's like "We already sat down with the Congressmen and showed how all of this is wrong and stupid. You said there's 5,000 dead voters, but the number two. Two voters." And his lawyer jumps in and goes "Well if you gave us access to all the voter information..." Like, you basically just said GA's info is better than yours and you're still having this call.

    Also, Trump just somehow assumes that any vote you delete is automatically a vote for Biden. Like if a vote is disqualified for a PO Box address or something (most of which have been shown to be legit apartments, btw), or any other reason, then that vote is definitely for Biden. If we eliminate 12,000 votes in this way, then Trump wins, because every single one was a literally fabricated vote for Biden and not a real person. Like he's that stupid.

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