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Thread: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series

  1. Holy wow, look at all the...



    Someone want to point out the difference? I'm not seeing it.

  2. It’s over 100 fps at 4k?

  3. People are dumping their RTX 2080 Ti’s on eBay. You can pick one up for @$500.

    Some people are going to be disappointed that they sold their card so abruptly. They’re saying that the supply for the 30 cards is going to be in really short supply.

  4. Hopefully I can get an evga 3080 or 3080 hybrid at release. I'm doing a new PC build. Parts just started showing up today.
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  5. EVGA is the best. I've been using their cards since the GTX 670 FTW!

  6. Holy shit! You’re getting a lot of GPU for $700.

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  7. The 3080s are going on sale in the next 12 hours? No preorders and no one really knows when... fun?

    Wish me luck, the rest of my new PC is built and functional.
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  8. Well, that was a nightmare.
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  9. You go with Ryzen or Intel?

  10. Intel i7.. whatever the new 10 series is called... Silverlake?

    I've only bought Intel and Nvidia since 2002.
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