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Thread: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series

  1. It was some board partners changing the recommended capacitor specs design, to reduce costs on their lower level entry cards.
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  2. Was it?
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  3. Yep! Companies like Zotac went outside of Nvidia's specs and got burned for doing so.

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  4. I think that Nvidia is doing a Nintendo, where they create a shortage supply to increase demand and prices. Moore's Law is Dead is onto this.

  5. I was finally able to order one. EVGAs "pre-order" finally came through.
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  6. It looks like the supply issues are about to come to an end, as Crypto-Currency prices have been in decline and mining Etherium has become to difficult for GPUs. My local MicroCenter has quite a solid supply of GPUs, with a LHR RTX 3070 selling for as low as $679.

  7. It looks like my patience paid off. I saw on Friday, that my local MicroCenter had received shipments (24 cards total) of RTX 3080 Ti's, 3080s, 3070s, 3060 Ti's, 3060s and who cares about the rest. I had things to do after work, so I didn't go over there to pick one up. The RTX 3070s they had were near $950, so passed on the idea of buying one of those, so decided I was going to get a 3060 Ti instead. I woke up this morning and checked out MicroCenter's site, which showed that they still had 6 of the cards I wanted. My wife was going to go get her nails done, so after she left, I raced over to the store and arrived about 45 minutes after they had opened. I walked by the glass case, which had about 4 or 5 guys drifting through there and I tried to find a sales person to help me. There was one salesman that was talking to a young man about graphics cards. I patiently waited while they had their discussion and they started talking about if he wanted an RTX 3060 or a 3060 Ti. The dude couldn't decide and said that he wanted to call his brother. It was then that I decided to let the salesman know that I was interested in the Asus Strix RTX 3060 Ti. The salesman said that it was the last one and I asked the kid what resolution he was gaming at. I told him that the 3060 Ti was overkill for 1080p and that the 3060 would be fine for that. I offered to let him choose the card if he wanted it, but I think the $650 for that card might have scared him away a bit, so he let me have the card.

    This card is really beefy, so the extra $100 over the other 3060 Ti's they had listed was worth the cost. I'm able to run 4K Forza Horizon @ 100+ fps on ultra settings and RDR2 ran at 4K high (DLSS) between 58-85 fps. I didn't need those way overpriced cards.

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  8. Nice, I am trying to find one here but no dice. I want to upgrade to a 3060 too for the machine I bought from you earlier, hopefully the supplies start to loosen up.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Nice, I am trying to find one here but no dice. I want to upgrade to a 3060 too for the machine I bought from you earlier, hopefully the supplies start to loosen up.
    Do you need Ray Tracing? You're going to use it for those pinball games, afterall.

    I've replaced my EVGA 1080 Classified with that card. This is a factory overclocked card that hangs fairly well with the 3060, for a much lower price. I did offer it to JB Nagis, on the PC build thread, but I don't know how serious he was about buying it.

    This 1080 isn't quite as fast as the (top tier) 1080 I have.

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  10. I am thinking of doing a VR racing setup, so would probably prefer something newer.


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