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Thread: Anologue working on FPGA Duo.

  1. Anologue working on FPGA Duo.

    You've always known what to expect from a video game system. Until now. Duo is an all-in-one reimagining of perhaps the most underappreciated video game systems of all time. Analogue Duo is compatible with nearly every NEC system and game format ever made. TurboGrafx-16. PC Engine. SuperGrafx. TurboGrafx CD. PC Engine CD-ROMē. Super Arcade CD-ROMē. 1080p. Zero lag. Bluetooth. 2.4g. Because the last thing a video game system should be is predictable.
    Completely engineered in FPGA.
    No emulation.
    I'm pretty excited about this. It also has an SD port for what appears to be ROM support.

  2. All of their systems have SD slots for firmware updates. If it's like their other systems, then you'll have to wait for a custom firmware to load games from SD.

  3. This is gonna be hard to get.

  4. I don't understand why they don't make more. Their products are slick and sell out very quickly (especially for pre-ordering), it is weird they are leaving money on the table.

  5. At least their 'limited editions' tend to be the ugly versions. You can't order the gross transparent or white Super NTs anymore, but they're still making the SFC and black versions.

  6. My TG-16 isn’t going to last forever, especially with that goofy power supply. I signed up to get a notice as soon as I can order this.

  7. Doesn't the TG=16 just use a standard barrel type 9v adaptor?
    I could swear my buddy used to just use my Genesis 1 power cord whenever he brought his Turbografx over.

  8. It’s a barrel, but I’ve never tried it. It’s pretty small.

    I also only have composite video, with the Turbo Booster. It would be nice to be able to play in 480p on my HD CRT. Hopefully it’s region free too.


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