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Thread: When Should You Experience Ego Death?

  1. More often than not, that investment is harming ourselves and others. And if we’re lucky enough to recognize that, we don’t want to accept the loss, so we double down on the investment thinking that will solve the problem, rather than let it go.

    Quote Originally Posted by Calliander View Post
    Anecdotal, but from what I've seen it's only possible in compartments.

    Like, there are things I have zero ego about and that's awesome. Happened at various points throughout my life. But on some stuff I'll never get past myself. People are gonna die on hills.

    Yeah, I don’t want to act like I have no ego left and I’m some monk. And to buttcheek’s point, you should have some investment in some idea worthwhile. And if it’s benefiting you and others, that’s good. But if it’s harming you or others, and you hold onto it, that’s the classic definition of hubris.
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  2. Speaking of dying on hills holy shit.
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