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Thread: Xbox Series X

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    I have only played Demon's Soul, the feedback is definitely more subtle. I would like to try a shooter at some point to see how different guns feel.

    I also played Ghost of Tsushima for BC, and it is silky smooth. Of course my first time gaming in 4k/HDR, and even though GoT is not 4k and last gen, the art direction is absolutely breathtaking. The rock solid 60fps also makes it worthwhile. I will try God of War and other titles next. So far I am impressed with the BC capability of PS5, making last gen games smooth is definitely an added bonus (not unlike XBX).

    Also, Demon's soul is the best launch title ever. I know, it is "just" a remake but what Bluepoint did is really something. They added so much more detail, it feels fresh and also made the game more accessible with more health drops. Enemies are still punishing but you have more of a chance now.
    I've heard that the included Astrobot, brings all of the features of the haptic controller to life.

  2. I heard that too, I am too busy with Demon's soul to bother with a tech demo.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    I heard that too, I am too busy with Demon's soul to bother with a tech demo.
    I thought the same thing at first, and now it's my favorite PS5 launch title. I would've gladly paid $60 for a physical version. Definitely give it a shot.

  4. I will give it a shot later, sounds promising for sure.

  5. Got to dive into the X last night. Sure is nice to be able to just sign in and all my stuff is just there ready to go. A bunch of games get the X upgrade and soon as you click on to play them. Too bad the update is you redownloading the whole X version of the game and not just texture packs.

    Biggest next gen upgrade Iíve seen is probably the loading times and 120fps modes. Gears5 and CoD are kinda awesome at 120. Although if later games make me choose between graphics and effects at 60, or lower settings and 120, Iím going 60.
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