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Thread: Completion Thread 2021 -OVERTURE-

  1. Did you finish Blood and Wine. Those Vampires are near impossible to beat, without some amazing silver swords and equipment.

  2. I finished Neco Drop 2. It may not be much of a game, but it was fun. The last few rare cats were hard to get because you really need to build up three stars before clearing the puzzle to have a chance of luring them with the best cat food. Luckily you can just cheese it by deliberately running out of turns and continuing.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Did you finish Blood and Wine. Those Vampires are near impossible to beat, without some amazing silver swords and equipment.
    Haven't been there yet. I'll work on Hearts of Stone next, then B&W. After finishing the main game, I tried turning on the Enemy Upscaling. It makes enemies stay close to your level, usually one away- which definitely raises the challenge. You're not going to just waltz in and steamroller everything. Even rats are no joke as seen below.

    Finished in 2021: 2 games (PC: 1, PS4: 1)

  4. That's a bit too much for me. I couldn't imagine how insane a battle against a werewolf would be.

  5. 5. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

    This is available on Game Pass Ultimate with EA Play.
    I loved this game! It has it's flaws but the game is better than the sum of its parts.
    I've never played a "Souls" game though I hear a lot of outlets compare the combat
    in this game to those. I've also read that the exploration is similar to Uncharted but
    have never played any of those games either.

    The amount of love and work that went into the game's textures, environments,
    motion cap/animation, sound design, musical score, and voice acting bleeds through.
    I know that it's a low bar but, this game has a better story than any of the new
    Star Wars movies. It also feels more like Star Wars than the new movies could
    ever aspire to.

    I played on an Xbox Series S so I was able to play at 60fps which I think really
    does make a difference.

    If you like Star Wars or even a well put together adventure game, I can't recommend
    this game enough!

  6. I paid for Gamepass Ultimate on PC. I’ve yet to see any EA games show up.

  7. After 150 hours, I finally finished Trails of Cold Steel IV today. Man, what a journey those four games were! They were a bit long winded at times, but other than that there is no arguing that they're in the top tier of JRPG franchises. I now, must return to my normal life...or I can start this Trails in the Sky game I picked up on the PSP.

    EDIT - I also finished Balan Wonderworld which isn't as bad as the internet makes it out to be. Well, it's not that bad if you're going through it just to beat it. If you try to one hundred percent it by getting all the Balan Statues, or if you want to play the extra worlds that unlock after beating the game....then the game has some killer fundamental issues that desperately need to be patched out. I'd honestly like to spend more time in the game's unique world, but not at the cost of the ridiculously flawed mechanics that would make 100%ing it masochistic at best.
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