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Thread: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

  1. I really like the direction Bowser's Fury has taken with the entire area being one huge ass fucking level.

    Edit: Finally decided to slow down as I've been binging this shit hard. Up to 48 Cat Shines so I've been going back to previous sections gathering up more of em.
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  2. Just picked this up, good shit

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Just picked this up, good shit
    Make sure you check the front of each lighthouse in the sections you're at. The small hole in front of each one indicates that a Cat Shine is still there you need to get. I'm at 54 Cat Shines now and loving this.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  4. I'm liking Bowser's Fury a lot more than 3D World. There's definitely an upgrade in visuals with that game, along with much better level design. I'm kind of getting a Super Mario Sunshine vibe from the world.

  5. I did all 100 cat shines on launch day.

    If Bowser's Fury is a test drive of a level idea, and they expand on this to be like 5 times the size and more content dense (not just on water) they could make an Odyssey 2 that's just incredible. The idea of leaving and going to different levels at will just by running there, the inventory, the visual of seeing the entire explorable world at all times, is just so great.

    1 World into 3D World, and for a game that I've 100% twice already, it's still so enjoyable going through it again. Those fuckers adjusted level 1-2 so you can't get infinite lives anymore though!

  6. He pretty much summed up my thoughts about Bowser's Fury.
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  7. I pre ordered this back in early Jan, however, due to Texas being the ICE AGE it's like 3 days late already .
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  8. I can't stand that YT guy.

  9. Bought this and played it with my wife. We wanted a new game to explore together after just finishing Luigis Mansion 3. Itís really good. Nintendo has been getting most of our covid $$$ (only Red Dead 2 and Hitman 3 have gotten any other serious play time).

    We also took a detour into Bowsers Fury tonight. Iím enjoying that game too but it is undoubtedly WEIRD. Like a neat Mario game concept beta clearly Mario meets BotW. Iíll play it until Iíve had my fill. Iím not sure the weird random boss battle w Bowser works and Bowser Jr is pretty useless. We take turns playing him and have fun w the janky camera.

  10. We pretty haven't had power since Monday. We had two times where we got an hour and a half of power, before it would shut off for around 18 hours. Last night was the 1st time we've had pretty consistent power, with brown outs lasting about 45 minutes. I tried playing Bowser's Fury in handheld mode, but found it to be a bit more difficult on the small screen. I ended up playing Link's Awakening instead. My power is up right now, but with all of the things I have to keep up with, my gaming time is limited.


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