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Thread: The Dead Internet Theory

  1. The Dead Internet Theory

    Humans no longer post on the internet. What you read is written by bots.


    TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.
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  2. OMG! Doc is a robot!

    Seriously, that dude needs to take this advise.

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  3. I mean there's no way all those viewers on Twitch are real, the math doesn't add up.

  4. I seem to recall their being poster on TNL, that a lot of people believed was a bot. I don’t recall if it was some member pulling our legs, but responses were very Terminator like. The general consensus was that is was a bot, with some very interesting responses.


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