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Thread: This year's haul: 2022

  1. Thanks guys!

  2. A friend had picked up a Dreamcast, but it had no controller. He asked me if I had one available, and I gladly offered him a boxed Dreamcast controller that I've had sitting in a bin for nearly 20 years. He traded these 3 Atari 2600 titles in return. I wanted Haunted House, because that was one of the 1st games that I'd ever bought for myself. I'd lost the box and manual to my old copy, over the years. The Activision title was in great shape, except for the dreaded Activision glue leak through on the cart label. Solar Fox looks like it never left the box.

    Chrono Cross finally arrived today.

    A friend located this game for me and I traded a loose N64 games, some old Game Informer mags and a beat up copy of Contra: Shattered Soldier for it.

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  3. Robot Tank is amazing, my favorite 2600 game ever. I have my Atari 7800 hooked up just so I can play this regularly. My highest is 58 tanks, I just can't break 60 tanks threshold.

  4. Did somebody just throw down the gauntlet?!

  5. Hell yah, let's do it. I might be motivated enough to hit 60 one of these days.

  6. I haven't given up on that challenge, I've just taken a slight detour.

    I got a replacement UPS for my living room entertainment center, that houses the 4K OLED, 200 Watt stereo/receiver, several consoles and a 4K capable PC. I replaced the UPS at an Outback last week and they wanted us to dispose of the old router, WAPS and UPS. This was a perfectly fine 1000VA UPS and the current UPS I had in the living room was taken from a Chase bank about 10 years ago. It was starting to give out and I was seriously considering getting at least a 1200VA UPS. This one will do, because nothing is better than free.

    This is a really nice UPS. It shows power draw, battery life and load. I had it in the back of my truck for about 5 days, so the battery was kind of low when I took this pic. It was showing a load between 200 and 240 watts with the television, stereo and PS4 running. It'll be interesting to see how power hungry the i9 computer gets.

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