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Thread: Grand Theft Auto VI

  1. Grand Theft Auto VI

    First meaningful information is starting to come out, still a ways away. They've milked the multiplayer of V too much for my taste, but the single player of every GTA since 3 has been a slam dunk so I can't wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by Some dude named Nibel who the internet says is trust worthy
    Some more Grand Theft Auto 6 details

    - working title Project Americas
    - main location is a fictional version of Miami + its surrounding areas
    - game will evolve over time, adding new cities
    - the game world is already large; more interior locations than prev. GTA games

  2. Expected release is in 2024. Maybe I will have a PS5 by then.

  3. I'm thinking early 2025. Looking forward to it!


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