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    Keita Takahashi, who made Katamari Damacy, made his first real full game since We <3 Katamari in 2019 and I didn't even know it existed. It's called Wattam, it makes zero sense, and it's a pretty fun time. Hard to explain, but basically there's a continuous stream of different yet easy mechanics that are really just an excuse to listen to exactly the kind of music you'd expect and watch some fun nonsense happen. To be more specific you control different characters who can do different things (mayor can blow everyone up in a fun way, a mouth can eat other characters to poop them out, a toilet can flush things to turn them gold, etc) and more characters show up as you do those things and it just chains over and over.

    Enjoy this trailer that will answer none of your questions:

    The physical edition release by iam8bit also has the best fucking covers of any game ever, I bought the Sushi one:

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