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Thread: This Year's Haul: 2023

  1. This Year's Haul: 2023

    I guess I'll start this out.

    I was hoping to get the 2TB model of this NVME drive, but it had sold out within days of its markdown to $184. I got the 1TB model for $100 and I'm hoping it will be enough for at least the next year.

    I've seen people rave that their drives were hitting @7,600 MBps read times, though I don't think that they were talking about it being in a PS5.

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  2. So... I know nothing about this and I'm going to be lazy and ask instead of googling

    - Is the above an auxiliary hard drive? (Ie... is it in addition to the HD that comes in the PS5 or does it replace it?)

  3. It’s the secondary NVME slot, inside of the PS5. You have to buy one with a heat sink and it needs to have read speeds around 7,000 MegaBYTES per second to allow PS5 games to play smoothly. You have to go into the save menu to choose where you’ll be saving your game installs. The primary drive only has @660 GB of space and mine was already down to 300 GB with only about 4 games installed.

  4. I want a 2TB drive but for now will just delete any PS5 games that I finished.

  5. I hate to have to wait for a file to load back onto the drive. Forbidden West took nearly 45 minutes to install, on the new drive. This one will do for now. It'll hold me over, until I can get something like a 4TB drive for under $300, or a 2TB for under $150.
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  6. EVGA RTX 3070!

  7. I’m waiting on those pics KOF!

    You got a sweet deal on that card.

  8. I decided to drop by a Game X-Change, while I was doing some work in Texarkana. The 4K BRs were at a pretty good price, so I snagged them and I picked up Crimson Skies for a friend.

    My APC 1000VA UPS had the batteries die last week, so I ordered these for half the price APC wanted, for their official batteries. I got them from a company called Refurb UPS.

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  9. I picked up the Capcom Fighting Collection from Best Buy for $30.

    Guardians of the Galaxy was being priced at $20, until this week, when Walmart put it back up to $30. My local Walmart still had the $20 price tag, so I was able to talk the sales clerk into giving me that price for the game. A coworker sold me his copy of Chrono Cross for $15. It didn't have the manual, so I talked him down on the price. A friend gave me that Switch game. It's some goofy dating game, so I'm probably going to just trade it off, or sell it.

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  10. You are going to realize that you love Code: Realize. it is not even a dating sim, it is just walls of text of talking to men that come out of a Kpop boy band (yes you are the woman, I think).


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