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Thread: This Year's Haul: 2023

  1. I realized that I've been duped. It's like someone giving you their Ouija Board.

    My copy of Contra Anniversary Collection (the colors on the cover look funky) finally arrived last week. I also managed to find a physical copy of Metroid Prime for the Switch. A friend hooked my up with a complete copy of Demon Attack for the 2600 and Time Crisis 4 for the PS3.

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  2. Contra collection is nice! I was just playing Contra 3 on Analogue Pocket (fpga), it is still hard as heck.

  3. Did you ever get the Metroid Remake to work on that cool device?

  4. No, didn't realize it is a pc exe. I played it a bit on the pc, it is really cool.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    No, didn't realize it is a pc exe. I played it a bit on the pc, it is really cool.
    I think that if you do a google search for AMR2, you'll find the website that is hosting it. There's another version made for mobile.

    A friend hooked me up with a few GC titles and I managed to pick up a couple as well. I probably shouldn't have spent the extra $$$ for the 4K version of Wargames. You could see the film grain and the only things that appeared to be cleaned up was the computer screens and the large screens in NORAD. It was good to see the movie again though.

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  6. I finally found physical copies of Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space for the PS5. I got DS about a week ago and managed to find RE4 at Walmart on Friday.

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  7. I just finished RE4r, pretty amazing game

  8. I'd forgot about how hard that damned village was. Capcom really kicks your ass in the beginning, before letting up a little.

    Yeah, the game looks pretty amazing in 4K. I gotta admit, Devs are really getting the most out of the PS5 hardware. This game is beating down PC high end PCs, that the PS5 no business competing with.
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  9. Got LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom CE. It is a great game if you like open world Zelda a la BotW. The number of gaming mechanics is astounding.

  10. I got the standard version of the game and ordered the Hardbound Guide from Amazon for $28. The stupid thing is that I have to wait until the middle of June, before it ships out.


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