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Thread: This Year's Haul: 2023

  1. Finally got a PS 5 and the Vr2. Hot damn.

    I havenít bought a PlayStation since the PS3. Old psn account still worked. SamuraiMoogle

  2. Nice... I hadn't had a PlayStation since the PS2. Sort of skipped a lot of non-Nintendo consoles for a solid decade or so there. PS5 is pretty rad. Enjoying what I tried of the PSVR2 too.

    OK, haul-wise: I don't buy physical games much anymore, but I did pick up some Final Fantasy strategy guides off ebay. Something pretty cool about referencing a physical book while playing a game like that that I really missed.

  3. I picked up a few games over the past week. It's been awhile since I've gone out, looking for good used games. My Play Asia copy of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster finally arrived.

    A friend picked up these DS games for me. I traded a SNES WWF Wrestlemania game and gave him a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy for the PS5. I kept telling him to get the Guardians game.

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  4. My local Walmart had about 8 or so Switch games on discount, along with Returnal and The Witcher 3 for the PS5. I've only played The Witcher3 on PC, so it's nice to see how it turned out on PS5.

    I decided to check out the clearance shelf at one of the Half-Price books in the DFW area. They had a bunch of PS4 games for $2 and $3, so I decided to snatch them up. Maybe I can use a game or 2 for trade fodder, or a flip.

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  5. Somebody call the police. I feel like I robbed this Pawn Shop, with the prices they had on those DS and 3DS games. I also got a pristine 3DS XL for $60. They were just put out that day, so I most likely caught someone slippin'.

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  6. Great haul!

  7. My copies of Radiant Silvergun finally arrived what I believe to be nearly a year after reserving.

    I also got Star Fox Assault for $45 and I picked up these 5 bootleg Zelda GBA games for $25. I still have The Manish Cap, which I've never opened, so having this card is cool.

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