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  1. The Haul 2024

    My Analogue Duo arrived near the end of December. I ended up getting an 8-bitdo controller for it. It's the black version. I can't attach pictures on here, at the moment.

    I also picked up Cuphead (PS4), TLOU2 (I'll finally try the game) for the PS4. Super Mario Wonders and The Zombies ate My Neighbors/ Ghoul Patrol (PS4).

    I picked up Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Mini Land Mayhem for the DS. I opened the package and was bummed when I'd seen that some kid wrote "Cleared the Game" on the manual cover with a black indelible marker.
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  2. I got the 8bitdo black Xbox stick. Feels fine out the box but I plan on modding it with sanwa goodies when I get a chance.

    Also got Tekken 8, which has me playing it like its 1998 all over again. It's the complete package! Also got some CIB 3DS Nintendo games, Luigis Mansion and OOT.

  3. I picked up one an Analogue Pocket - Glow in the Dark version. Stupid ebay scalper prices, it was long after they went on sale. It's pretty cool to revisit Game Boy / GBC games on, for sure - they look awesome in the right aspect ratio, with the high-resolution screen able to mimic the way pixels were displayed. (Okay, who am I kidding, I just wanted a backlit way to snap Game Boy Camera pics.)

  4. I finally decided to get an Xbox Series X, after all the speculation of the console being an after-thought for MS and their supposed updated console having no physical drive. I'd sold my old RTX 3060 Ti for $240 on Craiglist, to pay for half of the $450 the console is selling for.

    I'd picked up a copy of Destroy All Humans 2 for the Xbox last week, since it was selling for $13 at Walmart.

    I got BDII from a Walmart in Abilene. They had a bunch of them in the bargain endcap, selling for $30. It was also at that price at my local Walmart. I'm hoping to return to Abilene in the next few weeks to complete the job. They had a bunch of good deals on games at that Abilene Walmart.

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  5. I am pretty happy with Series X. The internet sure overreacted to the speculation. Which is odd... the Internet never overreacts.


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