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Thread: Xbox exclusive titles are rumored to be coming to PlayStation 5.

  1. Xbox exclusive titles are rumored to be coming to PlayStation 5.

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    It's a wild time to be an Xbox fan. The past month has brought with it tons of credible rumors and reports indicating that some serious shifts in strategy are about to take place at Microsoft. These potential changes will result in Xbox porting its biggest first-party games to platforms outside of Xbox and PC. If true, this move (at least in the eyes of many Xbox fans) would defeat the purpose of owning dedicated Xbox hardware and would turn Microsoft into more of a traditional third-party video game publisher.

    At the time of this writing, more clarification on this matter hasn't been provided just yet but Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that those at Microsoft are "listening" to what fans have to say. To that end, more details on this situation are set to be shared next week at a "business update event" that will be held by Xbox. Additional information on the date and time of this event haven't been provided just yet, but we'll surely hear more soon enough.

    Until that time, here's every major Xbox exclusive we've heard about so far that could be coming to PlayStation 5 (and potentially Nintendo Switch).
    We've been hearing the rumors for quite some time, with Gamepass coming to PS5 and MS focusing on making Gamepass a cross-platform service. This might be the last Xbox console we see from Microsoft.

  2. I'm curious about this. On one hand the Xbox already sort of feels like a console that hasn't had true exclusives in years, since you could play everything MS published (I think?) on PC thru the Xbox app, as well. (I actually think there's an argument to be made that the only TRUE console exclusives are the upgraded backwards compatible games... like hey! I can play the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in 60fps on this thing? Kind of cool...and unavailable on PC.)

    At the same time, Sony has opened up the floodgates in releasing exclusives like Returnal and Rachet & Clank on PC, too. (Okay, not directly on the Xbox or in the Xbox app, but still.)

    It seems crazy to me that they'd "throw away" the Xbox brand and never release another console though. I certainly don't think we're going to get any kind of news like that anytime soon. What I *do* suspect is they're going to try and make their games available on as many platforms as possible, Xbox just being one option. I think the endgame is to get Game Pass on as many platforms as possible, to make it feel like an indispensible subscription. Maybe it doesn't happen on Playstation... but EA Play and Ubisoft+ are available on PS5, I think? Crazier things have happened.

    Could signal MS phasing out of a more traditional "console war" though and stepping into a role that feels different.

    Anyway, the more people who can play Hi-Fi Rush the better, that game RULES.
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  3. If both future Xbox systems are digital only and major titles are on PS5, it'll be the end of my buying Xbox systems.

    Would be pretty bad for the industry if Sony had no direct competitor in terms of system performance and features, as the Switch 2 is incredibly unlikely to have to Blu-Ray support and specs which would even rival this generation, let alone a PS6 or Xbox equivalent.

  4. The leaked rumors were just that, rumors. Starfield isn't coming to the PS5 anytime soon and there are only 4 titles, with 2 likely being Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush. I'd noticed that there was a recent shipment of Series-X consoles to various stores and what better way to bump up sales, then to leak rumors about the future of Xbox.

  5. Letting some of these smaller projects on other platforms is probably good for brand building. Games like Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded are top notch but probably have their profile limited by their platform. Building those brands up raises their potential to be bigger draws for Xbox down the road.


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