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Thread: Whatever happened to ?

  1. Question Whatever happened to ?

    Hey guys, been a minute! ; )

    I was taking a trip down memory lane and remembered how long ago membership was poached/split off from here in exodus, similar to NeoGAF and the breakaway Reset Era, but while searching for it I had zero luck in finding any proof of its existence, so thought I'd ask the few remaining active members if they know (how long did it last, when did it close?). I finally remembered his name, the alt forum admin that started it: @bahn was it ? I'll search his account next.

    I guess TNL is a "somewhat-survivor" (all things considered in that it's still here) because I couldn't find nothing through google or searching this forum's posts/threads! There's simply no trace of the got-next spinoff! But yeah, wondering if someone can tell me, I'm just curious how that worked out.
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  2. Yeah. Bahn split off and created Got-Next. He ended up having a child and was soon selling off his gaming stuff. I think that he totally got out of the hobby.

  3. Got Next shut down years ago. It seems like well over ten. I feel like it lasted about five years. Bahn got deep into fighting game event photography under the name "Chris Bahn." He was nominated for esports photographer of the year a few years ago but was brought down by a sexual impropriety scandal.

    Of course, bahn started TNL in the 1990s and ran it until about 2004. So maybe GN was up until about 2010?


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