Now this is ridiculous how the hell can the Government let this happen? Oh its suppose to repay the music industry for piracy. Well what about the people who actually buy music cd's and back them up? What about graphic and videogame designers who use the media they must pay for it too. I didnt even know there was a levy on the blank cds I bought and neither do any of my friends some of which are in bands who burn cds of their own music. And the proposed $21 per gig on micro hard drives is so out of context. So if u buy a Creative 6 gb Jukebox for around 500 dollars will cost you an extra $21 per gig which adds to about 126 dollars extra. They could take this levy further and apply to computers since they can also play mp3 and music. If they taxed hard drives no one would be able to afford one if they used the same rate as md hd. This just enrages me and think that anyone who lives in Canada should sign the petition on the link above and support against this at all costs. Heck u peoples down south should watch out too. Some organization like the RIAA might see this and try to press congress to implement this too down there. If they do go with this im gonna stock pile 500 cds.