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Thread: Question for those who have Windows 2000

  1. Question for those who have Windows 2000

    I'm considering upgrading to 2000, but I've hesitated a bit. (no, I'm not getting ME or XP) How is it at running DOS programs? Since I heard 2000 doesn't have DOS built in.

  2. DOS apps work ok with win2k from what ive expirenced.

    you really should upgrade anyway if youre running 98/ME. mainly because it doesnt suck (as bad). and its a lot more stable.

  3. i really just want to make sure my emulators work. (shhhh )

  4. *cough*ZSNES works great*cough*

  5. what about coughhackneorage,nesticle,genecyst,massagewheeze?

  6. *ah-ah*dontknow,haventtriedthemyet.notthatbigofaPIRATE!*choo!*


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