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Thread: Need help finding Gamefan

  1. Need help finding Gamefan

    Well, in my couple-years-long hiatus from gaming, it appears I have lost some of my older issues of Gamefan. I have from the Mario 64 September 96' issue up until maybe three issues later, plus some of the newer ones and some of the really old ones. I am looking for any issues anyone is selling, or maybe just a place someone can direct me to that could possibly have some copies(besides Ebay). Any help would be greatly appreciated as well, even if you yourself don't have any you are willing to sell. Also, the main issue I am looking for is the issue detailing the Virtual Boy with a black and red cover, I believe Mario is on the cover as the Other Stuff section it details alot of the upcoming "Ultra 64" games. That was my favorite issue ever

    Anyways, contact me on AIM at Dougbranches or post here if you can give me any help. Thanks

  2. I believe I have almost everything that you're looking for. Please e-mail me at, or just IM me at vercimber when you get a chance.

  3. Hey Crafter I sent you an Email. Reply when you get a chance whether in here or email. Thanks

  4. Doug, I've sent you an e-mail with confirmation of your order.

  5. Hey Crafter, just posting here to let you know I received my 4 issues. Thanks for the fast shipment!

  6. Great

    Great, and if you're interested in my other issues, please e-mail me.

  7. Responded to your e-mail, DB.

  8. I'm looking for any GF issues from the last few years. Please PM or email me if you're interested.

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    Blaze Guest
    Crafter, you've got mail =)

  10. I got TONS of gamefans, gamer republics, egm, etc. If anyone wants em, lemme know.


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