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Thread: Super Nintendo system/games, Gamefan issues, DC /Saturn stuff for sale (Updated)

  1. Super Nintendo system/games, Gamefan issues, DC /Saturn stuff for sale (Updated)

    Okay, guys. Time is of the essence here. I'm moving in about three weeks, so if you're interested in this stuff, please let me know. I'll take Paypal-- and you can check my feedback by visiting eBay and typing "vercimber" into the seller section of the search engine. I've decided to unload a few more things in light of my move to grad school. Some of my games will have prices beside them; some will have a "make offer". E-mail me at ASAP to let me know what you're interested in and I'll ship immediately, or respond (probably favorably) to the offer.

    Here goes.

    Boxed and Complete Super Nintendo with extra 1st party controller


    Unboxed Second Model Super Nintendo with 2 controllers and all hookups


    COMPLETE, MINT Super Metroid.... SOLD

    COMPLETE, MINT Yoshi's Island... $37


    COMPLETE, MINT Super Punch Out!... MAKE OFFER

    COMPLETE, MINT Hagane... $22

    COMPLETE, box slightly damaged Axelay... $18

    COMPLETE, MINT Super Castlevania IV... MAKE OFFER

    COMPLETE, MINT Demon's Crest... Make offer

    Dreamcast MC2 Madcatz racing wheel in box-- $30 ($10 for shipping)

    Dreamcast Import Street Fighter III: W Impact, complete with spinecard, book, all docs... $15

    GAMEFANS FOR SALE: ($5 a piece, plus shipping. Pristine condition)

    Issue September 1997, Volume 5, Issue 9, Mischief Makers cover

    Issue 1996, Volume 4, Issue 9, Super Mario 64

    Issue 1997, Volume 5, Issue 10, Tomb Raider II

    Issue March 1994, Volume 2, Issue 4, Tempest 2000

    Issue Sept. 1993, Volume 1, Issue 10, Aero the Acrobat (back cover a little damaged)

    Issue July 1994, Volume 2, Issue 8, Super Street Fighter 2

    Issue December 1996, Volume 4, Issue 12, Sonic 3D Blast

    Issue November 1994, Volume 2, Issue 11, Donkey Kong Country

    Issue December 1994, Volume 2, Issue 12, Sega's 32X

    Issue December 1995, Volume 3, Issue 12, Street Fighter Alpha

    Issue November 1996, Volume 4, Issue 11, Waverace 64

    Issue February 1996, Volume 4, Issue 2, Scorcher

    Issue July 1997, Volume 5, Issue 7, Gex, Pandemonium 2

    Issue December 1994, Volume 2, Issue 7, Earthworm Jim (back a bit tattered)

    Issue February 1997, Volume 5, Issue 2, Super Mario Kart

    Issue January 1995, Volume 3, Issue 1, Super SF2 TurboPhantasy Star: End of the Millennium

    Issue October 1994, Volume 2, Issue 10, Super Punch Out!!

    Issue August 1994, Volume 2, Issue 9, Dynamite Headdy

    Issue 1995, Volume 4, Issue 4, Legend of Oasis

    Issue October 1995, Volume 3, Issue 10, Vectorman

    Issue February 1995, Volume 3, Issue 2, Earthworm Jim

    Issue 1996 Volume 4, Issue 8, NiGHTS

    Issue May 1997, Volume 5, Issue 5, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake

    Issue April 1997, Volume 5, Issue 4, Castlevania

    Issue 1996, Volume 4, Issue 3, Soul Edge

    Please note that I will need to add shipping charges. These will vary dependant upon your inquiry.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. I will give you $65 shipped for Shining Force III and Contra III.
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood

  3. I'll take the VOOT.

  4. Both are fine, except I do need $3 for shipping, if that's okay, sleeveboy & NGEFreek. Please send through PayPal using the e-mail address noted above and I will ship as soon as possible.

  5. I can't do paypal :-( is a MO ok?

  6. Because of time issues, I can only take PayPal at this time. Sorry.

  7. I understand, thanks anyway.

    (I myself am scrambling for cash for Comic-Con)

  8. Hi, I can offer $15 for the Demon Crest...interested? I got da paypal...

  9. Crafter: you have mail.
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood

  10. Salt-- that's fine, just add $3 for shipping and send it through the e-mail noted above and I'll have Demon Crest out to you immediately. sleeveboy-- you've got mail.

    NGEFreek-- I\'ve thought about the VOOT: if you can send a money order so that it reaches me quickly, I\'ll take an m.o. Please e-mail me if you\'re still interested.


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